Thursday, 17 July 2014

Is there any shred of humanity left?

 We may come on different forms and have different cultures and ways, but deep down. The blood that runs through our veins and our bones are one shade. We feel pain, sorrow, happiness and love. And we all deserve respect, honour and freedom to be what we want and live how we want. We share one planet and one home. And all should to treat others how we want to be treated and never wish another human being harm. Never blame one persons actions on whole group of people.
Ayelet Shaked is computer programmer, politician and member Israeli parliament, so far normal. But what extraordinary and scary is what is this woman's mind. And what is even more scarier is the support some people in Israel give her, which makes you realise that the situation in the ME is far more scarier and dangerous we like to think.
Sometimes hatred is more than ugly its evil and abnormal. It can blind people to very things that makes us human. Being human being means having compassion for fellow human and caring and helping those less fortunate is what unites. 
Hatred can steep from religion and politics and pure ignorance. I have read many things written by both sides of Palestine/Israel tit for tat, always bearing in mind what could be behind this person saying or promoting such thing or ideology on both sides. But one thing that had me shiver and sick to my stomach was reading a woman wanting to kill all Palestinian women who bear Palestinian children, because she believes all Palestinians are terrorists.I hate stereotyping people as stereotyping means being lazy and ignorant. I also hate when people don't have compassion and connection to fellow human. You don't have to like someone, or respect but you must have common compassion.Ayelet went on in oped to claim that she didn't but an...friend did. The minute another human start wishing death on another is time to start re evaluating your mind. 
Hitler massacred six million Jews on that pretext that he didn't believe they were humans but filth and that Germany needed to protect herself from them.
Jewish people have been stereotyped, killed and went to through horrors no human should ever go through. To promote, what the fucking Nazi's promoted against the Jewish people. Against another human being is disgusting and immoral, and Ms. Shaked should be ashamed as should any decent human being. Tit for tat for leaves the whole world blind. Ayelet gives Israel bad name as Hamas gives to Palestinians bad name,and she has no moral ground to stand with that kind evil ideology. And to think she is someone's daughter. We shouldn't be repeating the mistakes of the past again. 

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