Saturday, 14 June 2014

Nina biopic in trouble

When it was announced that much waited Nina biopic was underway I must confess I was excited. Then of course there was the whole Zoe Saldana playing Nina issue who had to be darken to play Nina
Many people opposed Zoe's casting for the role wishing someone who perhaps resembled Nina could've been cast for the role.
I am huge fan of the High Priestess of Jazz, so I have been eagerly waiting for the finished film, but there is now a new hiccup. This film had many hiccups along the way let’s face it.Film director is screen writer Cynthia Mort who has in the past written many episodes of Roseanne and Will Grace shows. She has also written the screenplay for the Brave One starring Jodie Foster.
Nina Simone biopic was meant to be her first directorial credit. Cynthia Mort  now apparently wants nothing to do with long awaited biopic, because Ealing Studios did not follow the directorial agreement. The film was meant to premiere this week in Cannes, Zoe flew in but instead of having Cannes style premiere the only red carpet Zoe walked was the Cannes opening ceremony premiere and Mr Turner premiere 
Nina's premiere was behind closed doors only to select few where it was shopped to the distributors. This film could've if done right could've been to Zoe what Ray was Jamie Foxx.

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