Thursday, 3 April 2014

Liberate women just to exploit them American Apparel style

The saying sex sells has become part of our vocabulary and part of our advertising index. Unfortunately its so expected that it has become a norm.That some see, as part of our human needs and desires. The mantra of sex sells is, of course an long going innuendo game that is used to sell everything, regardless whether the consumer is man or woman, its more than likely women will be the one who is objectified, regardless of is being sold.

  Most companies use the good old ''sex sells'' most of the time as shock tactic. Fully knowing, that the minute their ad is seen their brand spokesperson will be defending or vehemently apologising for the confusion and at misunderstanding their advert has caused.Then there brands whose target buyer are young adolescent women. To these brands, sex sell is a calling card. In which they use and exploit and objectify women as nothing more than sexual objects who always ready for bounce. 
American Apparel One such as company such is American Apparel. American Apparel is company that has mastered the art. And they are, known for their clothes as for its ads equally. The company uses every route of shock and sexual exploitation of women's bodies in their ads. The shtick is these women are not models in most cases they are workers, whom the company employs and models and in some cases porn stars.
The American Apparel ads are easy to spot, they are overexposed in every way. The use simple imagery with nubile girls appearing in situation as they are posing for their boyfriends either before sex or after. Which of course  bears the question are ads by company whose consumers are young have ads where women are shown as commodity to be exploited and portraying them as nothing more than titillating sexual objects
This is the company's calling card. 
They sell products aimed at women, with ads where women are sexually exploited to attract men. Last month the hipster clothier jumped on the wagon that is full steam. LOOK MUSLIM! They released a poster that, they  wanted to highlighted that American Apparel is company that is ethical and doesn't use sweatshop labour (bravo and kudos for that) but accompanying image is of young woman who is bare chested. With words Made in Bangladesh written across her chests. 
This Bangladesh girl is liberated from the shackles of religion
and conservative customs so she could be exploited and objectified to sell fuck all, but look she is a former Muslim with great breast.
 American Apparel has, had a three ads banned by the  Advertising Standard Authority over sexualisation of women in ads. But they seem to have scant regards for regulations. 2012 these ad was banned by the Advertising Standard Authority for being ''sexually suggestive,gratuitous and flirtatious''  While last year the company faced another ban when ad on its website was deemed to ''sexualise children''
U.K. Watchdog Bans Racy American Apparel Ads for Being "Exploitative" and Inappropriate
And their Unisex shirt ad got the company 'The sexist'' award in Sweden.
All these were also banned.

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