Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Don't call it racist art... call it modern offend art

Dasha Zhukova is the partner of Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich.

She he editor in chief of  Garage Magazine an biannual magazine and former editor of Pop magazine. She is also designer of Kova and T. She is an art enthusiast and philanthroper.
Dasha and her friend Miroslava Duma are in in hot dumb water for the fact someone in Buro 24/7 website edited by Miroslava Duma thought it would be great idea to use bondaged black woman chair as pop art.Zhukova Dasha 
Before you have WTF moment... take a moment and think what art is today. You see most people may see  white Russian socialite sitting on bondaged black woman. But  the art savvy see an ''Pop Art''.  And an offensive piece, but then again some modern artist like to offend. Dasha said in her statement 
'' Garage Magazine has a strong track record for promoting diversity and racial and gender equality in the worlds of art and fashion, and will continue our mission to stir positive debate and other issues''  
There are so many things that are just offensive about this chair not just race but gender. 
It is offensive itself that woman regardless of her colour is nothing more than object of furniture. That itself  is an offensive. And it should've bothered both Dasha and Miroslava as women. The chair in question was made by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard described by the New York Times as ''projectile vomiter'' Bjarne showcased his set last year. It pays an  homage to British artist Allen Jones's 1969 chair that was part of controversial set.
Bjarne reimagined Allen's four sculptures as black (so original).
In late 60's Allen made three degrading sculptures of women as furniture collection which includes chair,hat stand and table. Allen made other sculptures of women
Kate Moss wearing Bronze  Allen Jones sculpture armour 


  1. I'm more offended by the fact the editor had to apologise following complaints of racism. Surely anyone who sees this type of chair for the first time and thinks it's racist is a racist themselves for even noticing it's specifically a black woman, as if that detail matters?!

    If, however you were aware of Allen Jones' white original, then surely it's racist to think a famous piece of "art" can't also be black, or perhaps only white women should be degraded/enjoyed as bondage furniture?

    Bear in mind that thousands, if not millions of men & women of all colours indulge in this exact kind of pose/behaviour for their own pleasure. It wasn't even an original idea by the original artist, he merely set it in plastic.

    It may be sexist (would it be OK if Dasha had sat on a matching male version?) and tacky, like a prop from Barbarella, but it's only racist if you see black & white women as being fundamentally different and having separate human rights (like the right to enjoy bondage for example...)

    1. I agree with your point the bloggers. It should've bothered both Duma and Dasha that Bjarne sculpture is degrading to woman in general. The statements they released seems to void of anything. They are shocked that the masses are not art savyy to get their point. Disgraceful.

  2. "Garage magazine" stands for equality my ass. She claims one thing but her work says another. Sitting on a furniture of bondaged woman is not an art but stupidity. Art once meant something now any idiot can vomit and call it art and dumb new money Russian buy anything and thjnk its art. Allen Jones work was degrading and so is Malgaarde. Its not art but sexist.

  3. Terrible, low quality, misogynist. Now wonder Russian fashion website thought it would cool and art savy. This type of 'art' should bother every woman regardless of her race.

  4. Let's not make this about Russian thing. I am Russian and was disgusted on many levels. It is degradation of woman of any colour. And the fact the chair is a black woman sat on by Dasha carries racial tone.

  5. Both racist and disrespectful to woman. Melgaarde is so sure of his arrogance that he can do shit like this and sell it to new rich as art and they lap it up like idiots.

    1. Guess Bjarne ' projectile vomiter' Melgaard saw his dumb nouveu rich customers coming.