Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Femen, page Three disguised as women's rights movement

When Femen first started, me and couple of friends had a heated debate. One friend saw, the Ukrainian ''Women's rights'' group as new form of women's liberation front. 
While, me and my other friend, couldn't get our heads around the idea that, for women to be free she needs to show the thing men  spend money to see in strip clubs. The notion seemed illogical. 
Femen, used tactics was different from their bra burning sisters in sense that instead of burning bra they went topless. With slogan ''Our mission is protest, our weapons are bare breasts'' As much as they raised eye brows, they also raised few questions. Was Femen just a Page Three disguised as women's right group''. Feminists have fought for the equal rights and for the  right for women to be  equal members of society. One thing women have fought has and I myself as card carrying feminist believe in, is that women should be judged for their intelligence and contribution as human being and not as sex object. Apart from the topless protest, one thing that was very telling and many people had picked on was Femen extra interest on Muslim women.  

Femen head cheerleader InnaShevchenko and her harem of Slav women's faux exploitive concern for ''Muslim women's rights'' seemed gimmicky ''hey Muslimina, remove the hijab and abaya and get topless to be truly free''.
Yes, there are women who oppressed, but guess what, women are not oppressed in Islamic nations only but around the world. They are gang raped in India and victim blamed in the west for rapes and violence and the list goes on. Its ugly reality that we, have to fight united and not divided. 

But what Islamophobic Femen and its dumb followers didn't seemed to get, with their Barbie is here to save the orientalist women, was that they were in fact harming, women's movements who were truly fighting for women's right and for women to be judged as human beings instead sexual objects of tits and ass and lesser human being. With imperialist mindset and view.
Femen has sometimes shown its more xenophobic true intentions of''I am here to save you, while take piss out of you'' 

In August,Amina Sboui Femen most famous Maghrib member left them. Calling them a Islamophobic organisation and echoing  Sura Al-Kafirun Amina said ''I don't want my name to be associate with Islamophobic organization ' Amina continued to say ''You have to respect the religion of others'' Amina also said that Femen was funded by Shady money. Back in March Amina gained worldwide attention when she posted a topless picture of herself on facebook with the true feminist words '' My body belongs to me, and its not the source of anyone honour'' She is now part of another Feminist group.
Femen itself is now under  world glare for different reason. There is an ''expose'' film of which I am slightly cynical,the fact that Femen members are attended the premiere of film that exposes them as hypocrites is slightly suspect, don't you think. A Swiss newspaper SonntagZeitung exposed Femen back in March. But that was print now here is the movie.
New documentary titled 'Ukraine is Not brothel ' by Australian filmmaker Kitty Green which had its premiere in Venice film festival, exposes the worst kept secret in modern world. Inna Shevchencko and Kitty Green. 
In the film its claimed that Femen was set up and is controlled by a man, yes the topless Slav warriors of women, were set up by a man who exploits them. 

Who would've thought ''a movement'' where women protest topless to fight against patriarchal society was set up by man.The man in question is Victor Svyastaky, who we already knew as ''consultant'' to Femen.
Victor it turns out, in reality is bit of Svengali who specifically picks the prettiest women, who would get him more attention in papers. Kitty Green spend four months with Femen in Ukrainian capital Kiev. She says she witnessed, Victor not only being horrible to the so called ''Women's right warriors'' but vile. Kitty says that she witnessed. Victor screaming at the girls and calling them ''bitches'' Victor also told Kitty that he was ''Patriarch running a feminist group'' he also said that ''These girls are weak', they don't have the strength of character. They don't even have the desire to be strong. Instead they show submissiveness, spineless, lack punctuality and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists. These are qualities. These are qualities which it was essential to teach them.''
Kitty continues that the faux by page three protesters having a ''Stockholm Syndrome'' with Victor. 
One Femen says '' We are psychologically dependent on him and even if we know and understand that we could do this by ourselves without his help, it's psychological dependence'' I am not surprised and I don't think that many people are surprised by this expose. But I am worried for the naive idiots who fell for this Svengali and his Barbie armies, and harm they caused to women's rights movements in countries where feminism is seems as evil.

If Femen really stood for women's equal rights they, should've fight for the rights of women to wear, whatever the fuck she wants. Instead being a patronising. 
Perhaps for their next stunt, they should head centre of Paris, and wear Burqa. Since Burqa is banned in France and  believe or not there are women who wish to wear it, but can't for many reasons untold.

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