Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rohingya another Genocide in mankinds timeline

Through out the history there has been moments when mankind tend to shows its dark heart and ugly face and each and every time it seems Voltaire echoes in the distance '' It's forbidden to kill, therefore all murderers are punished. Unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of  trumpets''.Voltraire point is echoes again and again through out the history. When we are witnessing the actions of few, we seemed to do nothing. We only look back in horror and disgust that people would do such thing to another human. from the Holocaust of the Jews to Srebrenica genocide of Bosnia in the 90's.We like to think that as times goes by we become smart and quick to stop genocides, but we are wrong and our politicians sometimes show their true nature. Right now as I type thousands of people are being denied basic human rights around the world.
Burma is small country in Asia that caught the attention of the world by the dignified strength of women who stood for democracy against the military Junta who control the country. Aung San Suu stood for human rights and dignity and democracy... it seemed.
There is genocide going in Burma against the Rohingya people, in echo of Nazi's there is even concentration camps.
Aung San Suu who has the respect and love of the Burmese people has so not used  her power to stand against the  crimes that are committed in her country by mob that are being incited by people with an invested interest.
No doubt the military leaders are using the Rohingya as way to get people on their side. But Remember the world isn't all about today the actions and silence you keep today, will have greater impact your legacy down the line in the history books.
The world stood with Aung San Suu when she fought for democracy. But she has lost that the halo for not standing for injustice that is going right in front her.  Instead of using her power for good in calculated move Aung San Suu is keeping quiet so she could win the 2015 election in Burma, so in other words votes before of the genocides of the Rohingya people, who the UN called ''the  world's most persecuted minority''. Of course the UN only speaks but it seems to be doing fuck all.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Tina Turner Vogue girl pensioner

Living legend Tina  Turner covers the April issue of German Vogue. 
Tina is the oldest Vogue cover at age of 73 beating Queen Meryl Streep who was 62 in 2011 Michelle Obama got get her first Vogue cover March 2009 is now once again Vogue girl four year's later.First lady Michelle Obama cover US Vogue's April Issue. This is Michelle's second cover. 
Edie Campbell covers Vogue. Isabeli Fontana Vogue Paris.Kati Nescher Vogue Portugal .Vanessa Axente Vogue Italia. Patricia  Van  Der Vliet Vogue Turkey. Alessandra Ambrosio Vogue Brazil. Isabeli Fontana Vogue Mexico. Fei Fei Sun Vogue China. Malgosia Bela is the first non Thai cover girl for Vogue Thailand. Priyanka Chopra Vogue India.
Vogue Portugal April 2013 Kati Nescher by Patrick DemarchelierVogue Brazil March 2013 Alessandra Ambrósio by Fábio BarteltVogue UK April 2013 Edie Campbell by David SimsHarper's Bazaar Australia March 2013 Lara Stone by Kacper Kasprzyk
Kate Winslet covers Harper's Bazaar UK and Drew Barrymore Harper's Bazaar OZ and Joan Smalls Harper's Bazaar Brazil and Bulgaria and Singapore.
UK Harper's Bazaar April 2013 Kate Winslet by Alex LubomirskiHarper's Bazaar Malaysia March 2013 Sui He by Kacper KasprzykRachel Weisz covers Esquire UK and Tim Roth covers Esquire Russia and Leo Messi Esquire China.
UK Esquire April 2013 Rachel Weisz
undefinedNaomi Campbell covers Numero Russia and Carolyn Murphy covers Numero Tokyo 
 Zooey Dechanel covers colourful Instyle US and Cosmopolitan UK

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Polka dots and Leopard prints for Ungaro A/W13

 Emanuel Ungaro got another new head designer and this time its talented Fausto Puglisi who unveiled his first creation for Ungaro A/W13/14. Fausto created an collection that is fresh,feminine and chic with polka dots and leopard prints. And Carmen Kass made an rare return to the calwalks.