Monday, 11 February 2013

Pope Benedict resigns and we may have an African pope...

 We may live in quite interesting historic times. We have witnessing first black US president and many other historic events such as the Higgs Boson being proved to exist,the geek in me was freaking happy about that. As I was about Obama becoming president. Now I am not catholic, I am good Sunni girl, but I am intrigued by the papacy and I would love to go through the Vatican library to see what historical events they have hidden there. 
Today Pope Benedict XVI has resigned the first to do in 598 years since pope Gregory XII. 
Now what everyone is wondering who will be the next pope,  the favourite is Ghanaian cardinal Peter Turkson who if he becomes the new pope will be the first African pope in millennia since Pope Gelasius. 
Gelasius was a Berber from North Africa  and was pope from in 492-496Before Gelasius there were two other popes from Africa who were both from North Africa.
First African pope was Pope Victor the first  who was from modern day Libya, Victor  served as pope when Christianity was young faith in 189 to 199AD. 
Pope Victor is the one who changed the mass from Greek to Latin. 
 The middle man or the middle African pope of the three was Pope Militiades who was pope from 310-314 AD.
There were middle eastern popes there was Theodore and he was born in Palestine/Israel in the holy city of Jerusalem and he was Pope from 642-648AD. And there were seven Syrian Popes. First Syrian pope was present Homs native Pope Anicetus who served as pope from 154-167 AD. Last Syrian pope was pope Gregory III in 731-741 AD. Pope Joan was the only women pope ever.

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