Friday, 11 January 2013

Future is bright for the talented little gem Quvenzhane

She is just 9 year old an already an Academy nominated actress, the youngest nominee ever. Meet the cute and talented Quvenzhane Wallis who has won Critics Choice Award and Hollywood Film Awards. Quvenzhane whose name is just the coolest, was picked out of 4000 children to star in Beast of Southern Wind by Benh Zeitlin. Quvenzhane Wallis appears to confuse a small chicken for a mobile phone in a scene from <i>Beasts of the Southern Wild</i>.
What I love most about this kid is the fact at age nine she is dressed like nine year old child and not nine going on 16. And future is bright for this talented little gem.
I hope Steven Spielberg dust some his magic star making dust on her. Former Spielberg child stars include Drew Barrymore and Christian Bale.

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