Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Things 2012 did to me so far ...

Child born in late eighties has lived through three decades 80's,90, and 00's before even turning thirty themselves. And if that didn't make you feel old how about this.
Facebook looked like this five years ago
This is what Facebook looked like 5 years ago. BSB have been together for 19 years and its been 17 years since they released their debut album fourteen years since Millennium The Backstreet Boys are 19-years-old.
Child who was born when you were still in primary school graduated from collage in UK and high school in US and they are heading to University.

Remember Eminem's daughter Hailie well she is child of 1995eminem's daughter hailie jade scott mathers new real rare hot 2012 - marshall-mathers Photo
remember Bean from Even Stevens, this is how looks like this now
What Beans from "Even Stevens" looks like now:

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