Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lose 179 pounds thanks to photoshop

Sidibe is an Oscar nominated actress who got her break in Precious.Despite being lager than life, Gabourey's has career has been going from strength to strength. From getting role in hit TV series  Big C with Laura Linney and Tower Heist with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. 
She is set to appear in Yelling to the Sky with Zoe Kravitz and White Bird in Blizzard with Angela Bassett and Eva Green. She also hosted SNL and got herself few magazine covers with V, Elle and Ebony The HF magazine.
While Gabourey is unhealthy size, she is happy in her own skin which is important. But her size has become center of gimmick by magazine called Idol magazine who decided to use her size to dubbed its readers. 
By advertising new magic diet that would help you lose incredible amount of weight in short 16  weeks,the result  Gabourey loses half her body and gets Marquita Pring's body Plus Size Model Marquita Pring The diet is called the  7 continent diet and by following this diet Gabourney lost 179 pounds according Idol magazine, well its all trick thanks to Photoshop. 
Gabby Sidibe Photoshop Weightloss Hoax

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