Wednesday, 21 November 2012

One nation can't exist while the other perishes

It has become a recurring a yearly event, turn on the news once again there is bloodshed in the streets of Gaza and the old game of finger pointing begins. With Palestinians throwing rockets and Israel sending an army.
Photo: A Palestinian girl tries to punch an Israeli soldier during a protest against the expansion of the nearby Jewish settlement of Halamish, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah, Friday, Nov. 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed) AP
The situation between Palestine and Israel is one that shouldn't break people into two groups, we are talking about the lives of human beings''We all bleed blood''
Both sides and their supporters need to stop and think, and begin the process of recognising each other and come to right solution that works for both.This perpetual violence and yearly event isn't going to do either any good. Unfortunately, of course the situation is made worse by people with their own agenda such as the apocalypse evangelism ministries and Wahabis. Sometimes the world needs to do what is right for the mankind and ignore what is good for one. No one should stand in the way of peace, as no human isn't better than another. Palestinians need to find someone who really cares about their stand in the world and someone who really cares about ending their suffering, Hamas clearly don't and it seems neither does their Arab brothers and Christians as all Palestinians are not Muslims and they suffer as much as Muslims in Gaza.
Israel needs to think, also as they can't go on like this forever. Sending in army and having the world turn on them. Israel needs to realise Palestinians aren't going to disappear and if they want peace they need to come to the table and come to solutions that works for both. As we all pray for peace between Palestine and Israel. 
And the two nation solution of Palestine and Israel becoming a reality, because one nation can't exist while the other has to die away, its principle of humanity.I hope to see it in my lifetime a lasting peace in the middle east and I am hopeful, I  witnessed the first black president be elected in USA...anything is possible. And also not all Jews want the destruction of Palestinians. There is difference between a Jew and Zionist. In the midst of the all there are Jewish people from around the world who are doing their bit for peace in the region. One of them is Rabbi Josef Antebi proud Jew who is heading to Palestine to use his body as shield to protect the people of Gaza.Photo: Rabbi Josef Antebi on Saturday attended the solidarity campaign for Gaza on the Dam in Amsterdam. The Dutch Rabbi Josef Antebi departs Monday November the 19th to Gaza, with the aim to be there with his own body to defend the Palestinian people.

"I know how much it hurts to your hometown to be expelled. I know how heartbreaking it is to lose your child. Therefore I undertake action. I do this for years and I will now do to the current attack on Gaza. "~Rabbi Josef Antebi

Ahmed OvichRabbi Josef isn't alone, there many are Jewish people who are standing up for their neighbour
Photo: Students in Tel Aviv protesting

Ahmed Ovich Tel Aviv, Israel. This is an old picture of Maroon 5 whose lead singer Adam Levine is Jewish
Photo: #JapanPhoto: From Santiago, Chile too...
Lets pray for unityPhoto: ‎Dr. Laila Ghanam, governor of Ramallah & Al-Bireh, Fathers, Reverends & Pastors from all different Churches along with thousands of Palestinian Christians & Muslims, march together the streets of Ramallah in solidarity with Gaza.
د. ليلى غنام، محافظ محافظة رام الله والبيرة، ورجال الدين المسيحي من كافة الكنائس مع الالاف من الفلسطينيين المسيحيين والمسلمين يشاركون في مسيرة ضخمة بشوارع رام الله تضامناً مع غزة‎
Here are few organisations who are doing their bit.
ALLMEP Alliance for Middle East Peace
Givat Haviva
Bat Shalom:Coalition of Women for Peace
Gush Shalom http://gush-shalom.orgPhoto: Ahmed Ovich

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  1. Canada and the US are not friends of Israel... A true friend has the guts to tell the truth when their friends are wrong and show their friends tough love when they need it... A true friend is not an enabler who profits off their "friends" bad choices, nor one who cheers them on when they are running down the wrong path. They give good advice not just telling their friends what they want to hear. A good friend of Israel could also be a good friend of Palestine IF they could be fair and unbias...