Friday, 16 November 2012

Katie Miur got it wrong declaring Bella Swan a feminist Icon

Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer 
have become something of a cult to teenagers girls around the world when they were made into films. Brit Robert Patterson becoming Edward Cullen and millions of teenage girls dreaming he would sink his fangs into their necksThe books female protagonist is passive meekling Bella Swan portrayed by Kirsten Stewart. 
Stephanie Meyer's creation has inspired another passive meekling Anastasia Steel who is the S&M adult version of Bella in more than one way. Today, Times  newspaper journalist Katie Muir declared Bella Swan a ''feminist icon''. Katie perhaps saw another Bella Swan. 
As the Bella Swan portrayed by Kristen Stewart is someone who is weak with no identity of her own and she constantly overpowered by men. Bella has been weak character throughout the Twilight films, she is the fragile women who is selfish and is overpowered by men. 
twilight anti-feministUntil at last when she gains some strength. Bella is far from being a feminist icon she is a setback to feminist and women who are fighting for equal rights. Twilight is a fiction, but the character of Bella Swan is one of the worst females in literature in 21st century and her offsprings in Mummy porn.Now if you are looking to hail fictional characters a feminist icons then Hemione Granger
 and Katniss Everdeen  are another story, they can be called feminist icons for young girls.

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  1. If Bella Swan is a feminist icon then so is Todd Akin. Then again I am not surprised as Katie Muir works for right wing newspaper and her views on feminism is appalling considering the fact that ''feminist'' Caitlin Moran works with her.