Friday, 16 November 2012

Being plastic toy... fad?

There was a time when being called a plastic, was an insult to women, well those days are long gone, to some women. Nowadays, there is a trend(I hope) where girls aim for a look that is worrying psychologically. 
And when we try to understand it, we end up opening Pandora's box of what is acceptable for young children and if childrens play toys should be gender neutral.
Most young girls played with a toy, her name was Barbie
We dressed her and brushed her hair. To most, we grow out of and find a new hobby. Ourselves. We experiment with fashion and hairstyles as we did with Barbie as young children and we find our own Ken. But there is other side of the spectrum. Those who never really grow out of Barbie. In most cases they turn themselves into living Barbies. Case in point, Valeria Lukyanova One of them and perhaps most famous is Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova. Valeria has become world famous for being the living Barbie. For a woman who is claims to life on and being a alien from Venus.Valeria also has some interesting racial ideas.  Valeria is nowadays a living doll and she is making money and getting the fame she wanted from looking like a plastic play toy.
 Valerie claims to live on air and naturally build like plastic toy Barbie,but even Valeria can't get Barbie's height and measurement of 39-16-33 and 6 ft. 

Despite her Barbie features Valeria claims she never had any kind of surgery and that  there is no Photoshop or any image manipulation done to her photographs.
The big question is though, is this a fad or worrying trend that is here to stay? Is this mad woman's wish to distance herself from being human or is there something psychologically not right. Mattel the makers of Barbie has been under scrutiny for long time, for unhealthy body image Barbie gives to young impressionable children
And we have become immune to the gossip magazines obsession of women's body shapes and the tales of another reality starlet going extreme to achieve the what is seen as the perfect body figure which is the  Barbie look.
Valeria isn't the only real live women trying to be a doll, there is living Manga and fellow Ukrainian and close friend Anastasiya Shpagina who fairy/manga.Then there is Brit Venus Palermo a 15 year old who is the ''living'' Manga doll

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