Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thailand joins the Vogue family

Next year Thailand is set to the join the Vogue family with Vogue Ukraine. Vogue Thailand released it tester issue with Thai model Si Tanwibbon on the cover. First issue Feb 2013 will hit the newsstand in January.
India was the last Asian nation join the Vogue family back in October 2007.
Patrick Demarchelier shot the cover with Bipasha Basu, Gemma Ward and Priyanka Chopra on the cover and Monikangana Dutta,Preity Zinta and Lakshmi Menon on the fold cover. Two years before India, China released it's own vogue with Du Juan,Gemma Ward and Wang Wenqin on cover in September 2005.Gemma being featured on both the Chinese and Indian inaugural covers  caused controversy. If we count Asia minor/Middle East Turkey as Asian nation then Turkey was the last to join back in March 2010 with Jessica Stam on the cover.
China and India may be home to world largest population and both may be raising superpowers but they joined Vogue family later than smaller nations such as Taiwan which released its own Vogue decade earlier in August 1997.
Korea joined in August 1996
Upto recently Japan was the powerhouse of Asia in terms fashion,economy and politics. Despite that, Japan joined vogue three year after Vogue arrived in Taiwan and Korea. 
In September 1999 with Kate Moss and MikiIf you like me and many others were was expecting the next East European Vogue to come out of Poland you may have to wait. Ukraine will join Russia next year when it launches Vogue Ukraine.
Russia joined the Vogue family back in September 1998 with Amber Valletta and Kate Moss being the first cover.

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