Sunday, 21 October 2012

Shoegasm or Sadomasochism

One item on any girl's closet that most of us don't mind spending extra time looking for. Is the perfect pair of shoes. Of course there is certain shoe for every dress and mood check out Simona Vanth& Arielle de Pinto's sexy gold ankle booties.
simona vanth1 1 540x495 Simona Vanth x Arielle De Pinto Gold Ankle BootiesThere are many great shoes designers and labels, whose shoe give one a shoegasm
 Lanvin crystal embellished satin pumps Lanvin crystal embellished satin pumps And then there are shoes that are like work of art.
undefinedundefinedand should just remain that.
Good shoes make you taller and feel sexier and leaner.
But now days with shoe fashion being six inch and higher and ankle breakers reigning in fashion. And every ''fashionista'' trying to be edge with something unordinary.
Do we actually ever think of the health cost. 
According to statistics women in Britain alone are paying over £ 30 million a year for to fix the damage done by high heels.

So is fashion really worth the hidden health damage to our feets? 
In 2002 on the cover of POP magazine Elizabeth Hurley wore shoes that have become an beacon today to every ''edgy fashionista''. The shoe, that Liz wore the spiky ballet shoes that cause muscle spasm but they have been
These sadomasochist shoes that recreate the Chinese footbinding  are instyle and big question is... are they worth the pain and health consequence in the long run. 
Here is example of how absurd the shoe game has got, these extreme platform heel shoes are made by Insa and the front heel is made out elephant dung are they made for walking? 
And would you like to pay good money for the ''Front Heel' shoe by South African designer Leanie Van der Vye and Dutch shoe maker Rene van den Berg or they just art installation that will without doubt appear in the next Lady GaGa music video470_2519631

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