Saturday, 13 October 2012

Peta puts foot in it

Peta stands and fights for what is right. Animal cruelty is wrong  and I agree with their fur stand. I personally detest fur and skinning poor animal for fashion is wrong, but I believe people have right to own opinion and my opinion on animals doesn't give me right to attack people or throw paint on them because they happened to be wearing fur. 
And Peta does have habit of taking things too far, not only using guerrila tactics on people who wear fur, but also on its ad where it seems to favour animals over humanbeings and  trying to grant animals the same rights as humans and going towars hardcore porn route to promote animals rights is just bloody bonkers and this just nothing cheap publicity gimmickand just playing on the negative streotype of women being nothing but meat. Peta where is the male celeb for this ad?

And when goes for shock tactics that are just morally wrong
WTF was Peta thinking when they made this poster for homeless cats with Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino.
 Peta got it right with Morrisey featured ad for homeless cats
Peta usually does some good ads in its aim to deter people tofor the safe ''I rather go naked than wear fur''
                        Give a fur a cold shoulder
 Be an Angel

                                I am Vegeterian

 and guess who else was vegetarian ...Hitler but Peta wouldn't use the Nazi leader on their ads and rightly so. This is mock ad postersundefined
                              Ink not Mink
 while this is slightly just mean.

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