Sunday, 6 May 2012

Monsieur Hollande

France has taken turn to the left by Monsieur Normal Francois Hollande who has won the French presidential raceFrançois Hollande
Europe has lately been turning to the right and country such as France where the right has the tight handle on the politics. It is such good news to see sensible man who is  more sensible than Sarkozy who seemed to turn more and more into far right nut job. 
Another place where there is election is Greece, home of democracy and one of the few countries in Europe who kept Hitler and his Nazi ideal at bay. Seems to be becoming one of few countries that is now in danger of electing Neo Nazi into the office. The irony. But don't throw the towel yet, there is chance that the leftist party Syriza may make bigger waves than the extreme far right party the Golden Dawn who decided to blame the immigrants for the ills of Greece and not the billionaires and millionaires who don't pay any tax.
And in the land of the named Hank is running for office in the senate in state of Virginia.

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