Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gates in to the Fire

Volcones are one most horrid and at the same intriguing phenomenal's.
Indonesia is one few countries that has active moving plates, the country is situated in Ring Of Fire and its home to many alive volcanoes as well as vibrant island and the loudest noise ever to be recorded in human history was the result of Indonesian lava island Krakatoa's eruption. 
Well Indonesian mountain volcanoes have something that is quite incredible. Mt. Kelimutu has three lake crates with different colours. The lakes change colours chameleon and what colour they change to is unpredictable.
Darvaza in Turkemenistan is known to the locals as the gates of hell and looking at you'd understand why
But Darvaza is man made gate to hell and not natural it was formed  in 1970 by accident while engineers were drilling for oil they accidentally tapped into cavern with gas.
Then literally the ground collapsed and avoid  dangerous and harmful gas discharge the  engineers set it on fire, hoping it burn of in days, but 42 year later the gas rich ground it's still burning.

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