Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eye of Africa

Eye of Africa is in the Sahara desert in North African country of Mauritania 
It's Richat structure and was caused by ancient meteorite. Keep in mind thought that scientist and academics are still arguing about what caused it, some believe it was caused by underground nuclear testing that no country in the world has access and others believe it was caused by meteorite impact. Either way its beautiful

Gates in to the Fire

Volcones are one most horrid and at the same intriguing phenomenal's.
Indonesia is one few countries that has active moving plates, the country is situated in Ring Of Fire and its home to many alive volcanoes as well as vibrant island and the loudest noise ever to be recorded in human history was the result of Indonesian lava island Krakatoa's eruption. 
Well Indonesian mountain volcanoes have something that is quite incredible. Mt. Kelimutu has three lake crates with different colours. The lakes change colours chameleon and what colour they change to is unpredictable.
Darvaza in Turkemenistan is known to the locals as the gates of hell and looking at you'd understand why
But Darvaza is man made gate to hell and not natural it was formed  in 1970 by accident while engineers were drilling for oil they accidentally tapped into cavern with gas.
Then literally the ground collapsed and avoid  dangerous and harmful gas discharge the  engineers set it on fire, hoping it burn of in days, but 42 year later the gas rich ground it's still burning.

Nature prevails?

Looking at this you'd think deer are back in their natural habitat that is now backdrop to skyscrapers. And your first though might have been, yes nature prevails. But this is in a fact an a papier mache deer gracing in greenery behind Los Angeles skyline. It's an art installation by New York multimedia artist Calder Greenwood and co.


The situation in Syria is getting dire by the minute and the Times newspapers today's frontage really summons it this heart breaking situation in cities of Homs and Houla and all around syria 
I hope when they finally topple the evil Bashar he'll face the wrath of just.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Unusual 21st Century baby names

Naming your child should be fun, but not to the level where you name them after washing powder or a sound an farm animal makes. Usually celebrities name their children some funny names, from colours to numbers to places where the child was conceived.The funniest is Mariah Carey who named her son nationality, he is called Moroccan
Well now normal people... across the pond have given their children some funny names. Here is list of most unusual baby names from the other side of pond. Some have been misspelled and first and sure names of celebrities such Stan Lee and Marc Jacob became on word and some child's first name. And remember  there is  child called Like and Lol somewhere in the world. Now there is a infant named after fictional and real mobs.
CorleoneCapone or maybe the rapper
Notorious(perhaps the Alfred Hitchcock film, or that 2007 film about Notorius Big's life 
Someone been to Church
Setting them up for the future
Famous, Brilliant,Marvelous,Beautiful,Prosperity,Governor,Cyncere
Imagine a name
Cougaror named after this 
Fox BearHawkBunny
Slightly normal compered to the rest
SwayzeStanlee(all in one),Trek,Cypher,Maxi,Dierra,Teejay,Law,Stummer
Either named after this brand or the feeling of comfort
Favourite car and the name of our child is Audi

Your race is your name darling
Few of daddies favourite things perhaps
Named after the Fenway park, Fenway is are your parents Red Sox fans by any chance?
 Perhaps he drives an Bronco or supports the Denver Broncos? Bronco
 or he or your mom loved their visit to the Graceland and named you Graceland
 Naming child after a sound animal makes is really cruel, Moo
 Say hello to Draper
and Bates, hopefully not named after Norman Bates.
It would be juvenal to name a child after Norman Bates. Still there is a child called Juvenal...named after the Roman poet Juvenal perhaps.
Creative control
Benjerman(Benjamin)Stoney, Heavan, Mattingly,Timberlyn
Misspelled conjoined names such as Sircharles, Kingsolomon,Princewilliam and Marcjacobs
 Marc Jacob
Our favourite tipple is the name of our child

Tequila Chardonney