Monday, 30 April 2012

Hundred words in one picture

 I just love these pictures

The right angle

If you are lucky enough to capture an image at the right angle, you could discover a comedy orundefined  or artistic or goldmine
Or just to good to be true 
funny pics


More Cinemagraphs

Some things that just make girls happy, some are cliche but hey whatta hell they are true.

I just love these

I just love cinemagraphs5664791600_673da58b78_oundefined

Sunday, 29 April 2012

You put the milk in first?

If you watch BBC3's Russel Howard's Good's News, then you properly remember the Inbetweener's actor turned comic Doc Brown rap about his passion for Tea. If you don't then check this out.I can imagine getting mad about my afternoon Earl Grey, don't know about getting this passionate though.
''I don't know what fuck I was thinking, I let you in my house as a friend in  my kitchen. You offered to make tea naturally I said yes, your my quest. So I Toke the offer gracefully, but then what I see made my heart burst, you only gone and put the fucking milk in first''

epic fail



Would you bloody quit it Mariah, the cat may hear us.