Monday, 26 March 2012

Beautiful East Africa

Now I am going to be honest, and say it straight. I love Africa, but East Africa is where my blood comes from and I love anything from back home. Combined it with beautiful black and white photographs and you got me. These hauntingly beautiful b&w photographs were taken during the worst drought that has hit East Africa in living memory apart from Ethiopia where there was draught back in 1982.
Here are few beautiful black and white photographs taken in East Africa's wild.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined


Jean Paul Gaude is the French avant garde genius that is most famous for his collabration with his ex Grace Jones and that famous poseundefined many have attempted to copy this pose but only Naomi could do it rightundefined
Jean Paul Gaude and Vanessa Paradis for Chanel in early 90'sundefined Estelle for Chanel in late 90'sundefined and some other weird and wonderful Gaude
undefinedMarc Jacobs&Naomi for LVValentinoundefinedundefined
And some ad campaigns for Galleries Lafayette Parisundefined

Givenchy perfume ad's

Now Givenchy has stable of good perfumes, I love their Hot Couture perfumeGivenchy Hot Couture Fragrance and Angel And Demon(Givenchy named their perfume years before Dan Brown's book)
If like me, when you were kid you used to read(the pictures) and loved fashion magazines and your memory is good then you'll remember this if you are 90's kid. Back in the day when I was kid one perfume advert that used me make laugh was the Intense by Givenchy ad. The male model is on ecstasy  laughing like an maniac.
Hubert (de) Givenchy-Insensé

Friday, 23 March 2012

Hundred words in one picture

In pictures: captive: National Museum of Wales in Cardiff

All together

The roads are being sold and more graduates are without jobs and now the new controversial Granny Tax isn't going down well. Chancellor George Osborne won't lose any sleep over it, but his party may and that is big ''may'' lose some voters in the next elections and rather than drivel about politics on Friday. Here is some illustrations from The Economist, The Guardian,Independent and  Daily Telegraph and few othersundefined