Sunday, 26 February 2012

If you want to talk about women's right...

On Saturday I went to cinema with friend of mine, and I meet
a woman who really got on my nerves.  This woman, wasn't vicious she was just ignorant and bandwagon rider.
The woman came to me and my friend and started to talk about a new model who is the face Lancome. She spoke about how this model named Hanaa is the first ever Muslim model. And the fact that Hanaa is first '' ever'' Muslim model to front a major cosmetic campaign, we as Muslim and Cushtic/Maghreb girls must be proud. Because now we had someone to look up too. As Hanaa’s work would be freeing lot ''oppressed women.
’’ GET THE FUCK OUT HERE'' were the words I wanted to scream, but I screamed under my breath ''as I am Muslim girl'' Recently French cosmetic giant Lancome Paris, unveiled a new face alongside Canadian Polish model Daria and Brazilian Arlenis
The model in question is Tunisian model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem. Now looking at picture of Hanaa (the one in the middle) one would think beautiful girl and just another model. Well Lancome decided to let the world know that this model is different from the rest of the models. Because this model is in fact a Muslim model. 
Hanaa is the first Muslim model to front campaign for Lancome Paris,but she isn't the first Muslim model to front a cosmetic campaign and I don't understand why religion is being mention now.Since no one mentioned that Somalia Canadian model Yasmin Warsame was Muslim model when she fronted Revlon campaign few years ago or when she got the Loreal Youth Code campaign
Or when Algerian French actress Leila Bekhti got the Loreal campaign
Of course Iman and Revlon hit one stone with two birds back in 1978. When Iman became the first Muslim and black model to front cosmetic campaign and so did Waris Dirie when she became the first Muslim woman to front Loreal and Oil of Olay.

I find the notion and the belief that women who is advertising make up is freeing another women an ignorant ideology. 
Now I am happy that someone from Africa regardless of her skin colour is getting job and fronting campaigns. What faith she practices or whether she Cushtic or Maghreb or Bantu has nothing to do with my support for Hanaa.
As much Hanaa being beautiful sister, she isn't the first Muslim model and she isn’t freeing shit. Hanaa is smart girl she was engineering student before she decided to become full time model.
Women are free when she isn’t judged on her looks or sexuality, but on her achievement as individual human being. And just because someone is wearing hijab doesn’t make her oppressed and shackled. 
Yes there are some atrocities committed against women around the world. But let’s not jump on the ignorant wagon. I personally find the idea that someone selling make up is freeing women as an repugnant thought. What women wears doesn't equal her rights. Now days, sometimes you feel, that just when women rights take one step forward.Someone puts them back, two steps. We have a culture these days where people seemed to think, being half naked equals to woman being free. Perhaps that is the reason why we have grown women calling themselves Barbie's now days and spending thousands to look like Barbie Like it's an endearing compliment. Barbie is plastic toy and if women lets herself be compered to an plastic toy, what are the chances that she won't be treated like plastic toy.
In the 70's Germanie Greek and co burned their bras and before that the suffragettes started the whole march for the Women's rights. 
Still to this day women every where are still fighting for their rights. I am glad we live in age where women have become along way and today we have women is different jobs.
 I hate the idea of women who wear hijab as oppressed women

I am fed up with mainstream media presentation of Muslim women. Islam doesn't oppresses women but misogynist men do. One of the worlds first and founder of one of the oldest academic degree producing universities in the world was Muslim woman by the name of Fatima al Fihri.
We live in age where religion and culture have become twinned and some people truly believe what they read and see in the media forgetting that  media is sometimes full of dirty tricks. I hope people wont take this post as me attacking Hanaa, but I am mad at the idea that some model who happens to be model and Muslim is suddenly superior to hard working sisters and is somehow freeing them.
While ago Turkish German model posed naked for Playboy in order for to be ''free''. That's right in 21st century order for women to be free and empowered she needs shed her clothes Sila must be liberated right now.
This makes me chuckle though


  1. why mention her faith? is that the selling point or just to get more publicity?
    She is just another pretty model and now their made a big deal of her faith and she decided to ride the coat tail. In ten years time, it will be funny to hear what she really thinks

  2. AnonymousMar 9, 2012 02:22 PM
    why mention her faith? is that the selling point or just to get more publicity?
    She is just another pretty model and now their made a big deal of her faith and she decided to ride the coat tail. In ten years time, it will be funny to hear what she really thinks

    Seriously you said exactly what I wanted to say.
    And the question why mention her religion? There are many other Muslim models who are from North Africa and other parts of Africa and are doing well in their fields so how is her Muslim faith irrelevant? she is coat riding the whole lancome's first ''Maghrib Muslim'' for now but you just wait.

  3. It turns what feminism stands for and fight for when women are posing naked because it ''liberates them'' God almighty what has happened to sensible women.

  4. she dyed her hair blonde to appear more mainstream, the whole mentioning her faith was just a gimmick. She is from the Maghrib and they are only Muslim when they got something under their sleeves. She is properly the type who will tell people she isn't ''practicing Muslim''