Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prada and Miu Miu's S/S 2013 Campaigns

Sasha is fronting Prada's Japanese inspired Spring/Summer 2013 collection with Raquel Zimmerman,Amber Valleta and Eva Herzigova.

While Prada Uomo Spring/Summer 2013 is fronted once again by Hollywood giants. This time its Benicio Del Toro and Harvey Keitel and they are joined by Brit Aaron Taylor Johnson and Dan DeHaan.

Miuccia Prada's own line Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2013 is also here fronted by Arizona Muse,Bette Franke, Adriana Lima

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Things 2012 did to me so far ...

Child born in late eighties has lived through three decades 80's,90, and 00's before even turning thirty themselves. And if that didn't make you feel old how about this.
Facebook looked like this five years ago
This is what Facebook looked like 5 years ago. BSB have been together for 19 years and its been 17 years since they released their debut album fourteen years since Millennium The Backstreet Boys are 19-years-old.
Child who was born when you were still in primary school graduated from collage in UK and high school in US and they are heading to University.

Remember Eminem's daughter Hailie well she is child of 1995eminem's daughter hailie jade scott mathers new real rare hot 2012 - marshall-mathers Photo
remember Bean from Even Stevens, this is how looks like this now
What Beans from "Even Stevens" looks like now:

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Only in London do we award Shit London awards

The British sense of humour is world known and smart someone decided to see the funny side in what someone else could see as grim. The Shit London blog have announce 2012's best of Shit London Award photograph and here are some of the best. 
They include  best street for McDonald's to smokers paradise being located right next to cancer research.

Richard Lambert's  Most depressing view from work  in LondonWhat about South East London? guess they going to hell then. I'll contact Nanu

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lose 179 pounds thanks to photoshop

Sidibe is an Oscar nominated actress who got her break in Precious.Despite being lager than life, Gabourey's has career has been going from strength to strength. From getting role in hit TV series  Big C with Laura Linney and Tower Heist with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. 
She is set to appear in Yelling to the Sky with Zoe Kravitz and White Bird in Blizzard with Angela Bassett and Eva Green. She also hosted SNL and got herself few magazine covers with V, Elle and Ebony The HF magazine.
While Gabourey is unhealthy size, she is happy in her own skin which is important. But her size has become center of gimmick by magazine called Idol magazine who decided to use her size to dubbed its readers. 
By advertising new magic diet that would help you lose incredible amount of weight in short 16  weeks,the result  Gabourey loses half her body and gets Marquita Pring's body Plus Size Model Marquita Pring The diet is called the  7 continent diet and by following this diet Gabourney lost 179 pounds according Idol magazine, well its all trick thanks to Photoshop. 
Gabby Sidibe Photoshop Weightloss Hoax

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

pot calling the kettle black

Relationship are hard when you live on two sides of the Atlantic. And cheating is wrong no matter who did it, it's cheap and disrespectful. But when someone allegedly cheated on you not once or twice but twenty times and you stayed and counted. Well hate or love it Rob, it say a lot about you than Rita. Social media has given useless people an idea that they have an platform to be an idiot, and sometimes it's good because they end up showing their true colours to the parts of the world that gives a fuck.
Kim Kardashian little brother who is only pseudo famous because of the fact that he is the little brother of women who became famous back sex tape. 
Rob didn't see the irony when he started a twitter trend #RitaWhora, then going on to tweet that women should respect themselves while blasting an ex on a public forum and calling her a slut and publishing something that should remain private between the two of. Rob seemed to forget  he cheated on his ex girlfriend and by trying to shame Rita, he scored own goal. And showed himself to be an douchebag who is scorned is trying his best to paint Rita as the bad one.

He has since then, claimed that the girl in question was never Rita and that he never mentioned her name,despite the heavy evidence. He is now blaming the media for jumping gun. Funny how he never said anything while RitaWhora was trending and he was ranting.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Into Darkness

I am excited about the new Star Trek Into Darkness film.  This time Scotty played by Simon Pegg is joined by few Brits. Kidulthood&Adulthood Noel Clark. Starter for Ten Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the villain in the movie. Star Trek Into Darkness will be in the cinemas in UK in 17th of May 2013. J.J Abrams who brought life back to the franchise, released the films poster which has Christopher Nolan'sque recemblence of the man turning his back and walking or starring into the distance. This time the villain is put right in the center mist of rubble.

J.J was in Japan with Chris Pine who plays Kirk and the villain Benedict