Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stupid decisions that end up haunting you.

Imagine, you have an eye and ear for what makes an star. As record label boss you have discovered and signed many platinum selling artist and as producer you have won awards. But one day cause you are having a bad day. You end up letting go off the one artist who turns out to be one of the biggest and most exciting artist to emerge in the past decade.Lady GaGa Watch: Lady GaGa Continues War Against Bullying
LA Reid is one of the most successful record produces around. And he is one of the founders LA Face record label with BabyFace. He was also immortalised in L.A. Reid and PinkPink's Don't let me get me song  with the the verse ''LA told me, you'd be pop star all you have to is change everything you are). 
He is the boss of many in the music business including. Rihanna,Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Ashanti.Usher, Kanye West and now he is judge in the US X Factor, hoping to to find the next big thing. But recently LA told the world that he could've been the boss of Lady GaGa. But he let her go... because he was having a bad day, that decision must be haunting him like &^%$£
Cause look how big Lady GaGa turn out to be and salt to the wound her boss Akon doesn't have to release another album in his life.

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