Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Some old Iman

If I included all the pictures I keep finding on old magazines on Iman on the Somali models post, the whole post would've been just about Iman.So here is new thread just for old campaigns and pictures of |man that I can't fit in the Somali models post.
Iman in 1977
Iman old Elite Model card
I keep finding these incredible pictures from 80's of Iman

Iman and model called Aria for Valentino
Thierry Mugler
Roshumba,Iman,Talisa and Sadiya for Gianni Versace
 Amica cover September 1987 feat Iman Amica 1989


  1. Iman looked so average at the beginning of her career talk about blossoming in twilight years. Who is Amalia? where is she from

  2. Amalis was a contemporary of Iman, being a top model during the 80s and was also a muse for Yves Saint Laurent. She also has a model sister Edia. She is from Ethiopia.

    1. Amalia Veralia is not ethiopian Dovima, you are properly confusing her with someone else