Thursday, 20 October 2011

One dictator down few more to go

Muamar Gaddafi has fallen literally. After months of hide and seek Gaddafi meet his enviable end. He is dead. How ever you write his name Gaddafi, Gadafi,Qadafi, Khadafi. One of the last ''great dictators'' and ''King of Kings'' is gone. Muamar Gaddafi was one of the few head states you knew of,but never knew why you knew his name. Gaddafi came to power as colonel in 1969 as 27 year old chairman of the Revolutionary Command Libya in coup after toppling and ousting the monarchy and it's head of state king IdrisLibya cutting for archivesLibya cutting for archivesLibya cutting for archivesSince then Gaddafi went from being hero in Africa and the Middle East to hated being in the west then he was all forgiven and the west welcomed him.of course by the time west welcomed him back to its arms he was fully qualified member of exclusive club dictators and hated by Africa and the Middle East. One thing he was a character, he went from normal looking young colonel to melting dictator -  
He had virgin female body guards who were hand picked, because of an ancient tale - image''In ancient times, leaders believed that best guards were virgins. Because they could sense threats or the so called winds of death'' 
Gaddafi also had the guts to tell the world or the UN to abolish cheese eating chocalate making Switzerland of the face of the world. And where ever he went his Bedouin tent went upI never personally understand why dictators decide to play hide and seek when they know in the end they lose.Perhaps it's their deluded ego or just that they believe that they'll always rule their countries with fear forever and ever. And on their death bed they'll hand the reign to their sons and so on? So could someone capture this cocky one God awful Saif(sword)
The Jasmine Revolution that turned into Arab Spring was started in Tunisia and it spread like wild fire to the rest of the region to Egypt where we saw those beautiful scene's in Tahrir Squire then to Libya. Across the Arabia we still have demonstrations in Syria where Bashar Al Assad is in charge...Assad of course ''inherited'' his power from his father Hafez on his death in 2000. In Yemen we have crazy man who despite being burned is still clinking on to power and still keeps on telling his people ''I'll hand of over the power in coming days''.
 The Arab Spring has been inspiration to many demonstrations and ''people power'' movements around the world. In Spain's capital Madrid Puerto del Sol squire we had since May the Spanish movement 15M"Democracia Real Ya!"It since then spread to Athens, then to Tel Aviv.  Then to US...yes in USA there are new hero's of the people and enemies of the neoconservatives the Occupy Wall Street movement. that has sprung up in many US cities and And now in London
One things is certain, and that is the world is changing and I hope for the better.
From Africa to the Middle East to Europe... perhaps next Asia?

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