Saturday, 8 October 2011

Seb Janiak&Nadja and her panthers

I absolutely adore Seb Janiak's  photographyespecially his The Kingdom collection is amazing.But back to fashion, imagine when I find what is now called ''Vintage'' by today's terms French magazine Photo from November 1996 with leggy and one of underrated models ever Nadja Auermann with black panthers taken by Seb called Le mode animale.  Nadja is blacken(*-*) and her longer than humanly possible legs are endless.

Nadja was one of the best models of her time, she is the model who wore that get up worn by Lady GaGa for Paparazzi video by Thierry Mugler first for George Michael's Too Funky music video back in early 92.
And the metallic gold swimsuit worn by Beyonce for her Sweet Dream video was modelled by Nadja back in 1995 for Thierry Mugler..
From Nadja to Seb,if like me you happen to adore Seb Janiak's photography and work. Then you are in luck...if you happen to be Paris visit Visionairs Gallery ParisCutlog 2010 There is Seb Janiak exhibition from 18th of October 2011 to Jan 7th 2012

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  1. thierry mugler used to great designer back in the 90's. Shame now days he makes only good perfume and his old stuff have become inventory for copy and paste artist like beyonce and lady gaga