Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tragedy of 9/11 should never be used as political tool.

10 Years ago in 11th of September the world changed. Tragedy struck the US with the two iconic buildings coming down and nearly 3000 people losing their lives. For people my age it was the first time to be honest most of us heard of the word Terrorism,Al Qaeda or their leader Osama bin Laden. 
I remember watching the news shocked. Ten years on I still remember that day so well, normal autumn day in London turned into shocking and confusing day for a normal teenager. For the first time in my life all I watched was the BBC24 and SkyNews. The whole thing was too confusing and to be honest scary. World I didn't know existed came to be exist right before my eyes.
Suddenly, my faith was attacked. 1.6 billion people were blamed for the actions of few misguided tools. 
Since then that horrific New York tragedy has become powerful political tool for the right. Who use the events of 9/11 for scaremongering political to justify gross violation. 
I believe strongly that 9/11 should never be used as the political tool, it was tragic event. Not going lie, I wish  I had the chance to see the iconic building.
My heart goes to all those who lost their lives because of terrorism since then around the world from. From USA, UK, Spain to Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia Morocco, Somalia Norway and many more.
Here is message written by Idil, Muslim American journalist. whose Facebook post really shocks you.
''10 years ago today I was 12 and I had just begun to wear the scarf(ironic). I was sitting in computer class when it happened. That day I became a terrorist to every American and that was the last time I thought of myself as an American. I learned how fast people's opinions of you change, when friends and neighbours whom you have known since childhood look at you such hate and venom'' 

United States of America is the country where people who were oppressed in their homelands because their faith  found freedom to practice their faith without a fear.Because the founding fathers of the United States wrote that into the constitution of the country. 
That should never be changed by scaremongering career politician or glory hunting ignorant TV pundits. Because religious freedom is one of the things that makes the US great. America is country that has rich Islamic history, Morocco an Islamic North African nation was one of first nations to recognise the new nation of the United States of America 1796 in Tripoli.
And the second president of the republic John Adams said ''The United States has in itself no character enmity against the laws  religion or tranquility of Muslim. And let's not forget that.

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  1. well written and I wish people would look into that what made America great to begin with. Religious freedom!