Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sour Losers shouldn't represent their countries on world stage Miss France

Lately Miss Universe pageant seems to generate more media coverage before the winner is even crowned. 
Personally, last time I actually watched a whole show was back in 2001 and that was Miss World and not Miss Universe. The winner of the Miss Universe contest has to be, smart and beautiful and since there is no hell in chance of ever satisfying everyone, since beauty they say is in the eye of beholder and it is normal for people to disagree on who they think was the real winner. Before we talk about the sore losers,this year there were two.This year's competition made, for few mundane reasons.
 Miss Australia Scherri Lee Biggs made headlines for see through evening wear and bikini as she was told to ''tone down''
Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo made headlines (Daily Mail) for going...commando.
 Long story cut short Miss Angola, Leila Lopes made into top 5 and went on to be crowned Miss Universe. 
Leila's parents are originally from the West African Island of Cape Verde. She is the first Miss Angola to be crowned Miss Universe and the first Miss Universe from Africa in twelve years. Yes twelve years, people tend to confuse Miss Nigeria Agbani Darego as the last Miss Universe from Africa.
Agbani was crowned Miss World in  2001. Agbani wasn't the first African beauty queen to win the title, there have been many. First African to win the title of Miss World Miss Egypt Dalida who was crowned back in 1954. 
Miss Botswana Mpule Kwelagobe was the last African crowned Miss Universe back in 1999. 
She was crowned by the 1998 winner Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam from Trinidad and Tobago. Janelle Commissioning, Miss Tobago and Trinidad,was the first African descent to be crowned Miss Universe.
Following year she crowned an South African Margaret Garniner.
Leila's win has angered one of her fellow competitors,Miss France Laury Thilleman.  Thilleman told Premier France, her own reasons why Miss Angola Leila shouldn't have been crowned Miss UniverseMiss France Laury Thilleman complained that Miss Angola was ''antisocial'' and didn't hang with the rest 'contestant' she also complained by the fact Miss Angola was wearing jeans and no make up most of the time. Leila won the pageant with her beauty and brain. When the judges asked Leila, what she might change about physical characteristic Leila said ''I consider myself women endowed with inner beauty, I have acquired many wonderful principles from and my family and I plan to follow those through the rest of my life''
Laury isn't presentation of the general French people or their views. While France as country may not be as forward as Britain when comes to race, France has produced more winners of colour from its overseas territories and born and bred in France. 
First, Miss France winner of colour was  Linda Hardy was crowned in 1992  
following year Veronique de la Cruz, Miss Guadeloupe won Miss France. 
Seven years later in 2000, Sonia Rolland became the first Miss France of 21st century  
Sonia is half Rwandan and half French. She was crowned Miss France and she went on to be semi finalist in Miss Universe and is known as the French Halle Berry.Sonia was co author of Beaute Black.

Just like Halle, Sonia has moved from pageantry to acting

In 2008 Valerie Begue who is from the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean an French Overseas area. 
 2009 saw African American and French Chloe Mortaud to be crowned Miss France


  1. I'm sorry but the comment about Laury is completely wrong. She's a really good personn and she's also nature, she wears jeans and no make up sometimes.
    Ps : Sonia Rolland is not the french Hale Berry, she's a very bad actress!!!

    1. Laury est que vous

  2. Laury sounded sour loser, if is she natural and wears jeans and no make up why did she make such big deal out of Leila being natural.
    For twenty year old Laury looks like she has had few miles on her. And Sonia Rolland is closest thing France has to Halle Berry, just like Halle she is biracial beauty queen who became an actress. Halle Berry is Oscar winning actress but some people would still call her bad actress

  3. Laury did come across as sour loser but that reflects more on her than on France and Sonia Rolland isn't the closet thing France has to Halle Berry.

  4. There is one Halle Berry there is no need for new one. Halle Berry herself is now sort of French, she married French Olivier Martinez and had first born baby with French Canadian. Sonia is her own woman, and Laury's behaviour was that of sore loser and not something the french people supported. The better woman won that year. Miss Universe or any pageantry isn't really about the most beautiful but the one who the judges.