Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden body thrown to sharks at the Arabian sea

At ten to four this morning just when an insomniac was falling sleep she was waken by phone call.
Daily Mail publishes fake Osama bin Laden pictureTURN ON THE NEWS! OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD! 
And within ten minutes, Facebook and Twitter came alive with Osama's death.
I went to bed at seven am and since then the mood has changed. Now anyone with common sense got one or two questions. How come the most wanted man was buried at the sea without verification and how many Osama Bin Laden were there. 
And now that he is dead do we really believe that the Al Qaeda is going to die with him? Osama has been nothing but face of Al Qaeda lately. The man has been suffering from kidney failure and was perhaps on dialysis.  What he left behind is a dangerous ideology that some of his followers are going to use and manipulate the easily led.
And if its true and he was killed combat isn't funny how he was found in Pakistan in a mansion in a city where Pakistani army has base and not in some dungeon in mountains of Afghanistan? 
US government said they have buried Osama at sea... hold on now what sea. Didn't he die in Pakistan and nearest sea to that nation is the Arabian Sea. Now how many divers are going to go and look for his body, lets be honest right about now... seriously Obama threw Osama to the sharks.
Forget the birthers conspiracy theories, now we will witness conspiracy theory of all conspiracies theories.
Anyway I have always believed that this guy died perhaps years ago there was even bloody documentaries on BBC and Channel Four about his health and the possibility that he has died. 
At least this will shut the fucking birthers, if they are right then it took a Muslim Kenyan called Obama to kill Osama and not Bush.  How could we forget Bush
 anyone who was complaining about the royal wedding press coverage will be wishing it was front cover news once more. Because from this day until the end of the year Osama is going to the headline news around the world. There will be hundreds perhaps even thousands of documentaries and films.


  1. Its all political stunt.

    But two interesting facts:

    1. There are no sharks found in the Arabian sea.

    2. News are claiming he was buried as per Islamic tradition. But throwing a deceased person's body to sharks, or in sea, is not Islamic tradition.

    To me it looks government made up this story just to lay this issue of Bin Laden to rest. It has nothing to do with any raid, or finding him or killing him.

  2. i think sharks are found in the arabic sea...

  3. Black tip sharks and great hammer heads are found in the arabian sea

  4. Bin Laden was so awful that any sharks would probably get sick and spit his pieces out.

  5. 'Thrown to the sharks'' was just figure of speech and not literal. Sort word play on ''throw the lions''but lets be real if someone is thrown to the North Arabian Sea... before you know the predators are going to come and sniff and eat

  6. It's getting more and more absurd, he wasn't buried at the sea he was thrown to the sharks and he wasn't given Islamic burial rites since when did the US army give fuck about religious rights and think about it you don't think that soldiers ''who got hold of his body'' didn't stomp or some shit. This guy died ages ago and Obama found out where he was buried or something. I am glad he is gone but I am starting to the question the whole ''White House story'' now.

  7. I agree. I believed he died a long time ago. the former Prime Minister of Pakistan said it herself!! The fact that they tried to use "Islam" as an excuse to why they quickly disposed his body sickens me. Since when did the united State give a damn about "Islamic Traditions" anyways? The truth is is that the US has been losing in Afghanistan terribly. Instead of admitting this and withdrawing, I guess the Obama's administration thought it would be better to make up a story saying how they found an armed Osama in a mansion near a military base in Pakistan. Oh wait, they changed their story back in Tuesday. Apparently he wasn't armed now.

    .... Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive!