Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Little bit of East African flavour is lost on Eurovision

It's May and once again, its time for the biggest music show in Europe (literally). It's the Eurovision time
And this year there was little bit of East African flavour in Eurovision. HEY...there are many mythical phantom European nations competing in the Eurovision, like Israel(you know that Middle Eastern country that is actually like so in Europe) and Azerbaijan and Armenia you know the central Asian countries.
Anyway,Norway and San Marino had two lovely singers via East Africa representing their adopted homelands. 
But before they enterd the Finals they had to go through the semis and that's where the luck run out for our lovely girls.
First was Norway (actually second after Poland)
Stella Mwangi via Kenya sang Haba Haba, hujaza kibaba. The thing is I was really, really rotting for my Kenyan sister, but the song just didn't have that... something it was repetitive and reminded me of Shakira's Waka Waka. Back in Norway perhaps Queen of Scandinavian Soul and R&B Noora Noor may be bit happy with the results. Stella beat her to enter the Eurovision.
Second East African representing Europe was Eriterian descended Senit. Representing micro state of San Marino
Now Senit's Stand By was good Now I loved Senit's entry and was really shocked when it didn't go through. Either way UK is winning it this year with Blue's I can. 
Glad Noora didn't get chosen by Norwegian people to enter the Eurovision,Noora is so way above it.


  1. Thank God someone thought of Waka Waka when they heard Haba Haba

  2. Sorry I have to say but Haba Haba was just too nickelodeon for eurovision and that is saying something. And senit was too jazzy for eurovision. And Noora Noor doesn't belong in Eurovision

  3. Seriously i couldn't stop laughing when I read ''HEY...there are many mythical phantom European nations competing in the Eurovision, like Israel(you know that Middle Eastern country that is actually like so in Europe) and Azerbaijan and Armenia you know the central Asian countries.''
    Shit As Canadian I gotta ask, why the hell is Israel competing in a singing contest for European nations, when did Israel become part of Europe. LMAO ''Phantom European nations'' Azerbaijan I swear to God I though Azerbaijan was the name of Harry Potter book, now I know its oil rich former Soviet nation in central Asia pretending to be European and I know Armenia was under the Soviet rule too like many central Asian nations but when did they become Europe.
    And I actually liked the Norwegian entry, she was much better than the winning song and Noora Noor I agree the above comment doesn't belong in Eurovision she is too damn talented.