Friday, 1 April 2011

Middle Eastern Cosmoplitan

Fashion and glamour know no bounds and fashion magazines with great layout and editors can translate into any language. 
International magazine titles always have international issues where they cater to individual countries of publications. Turkey now is part of exclusive Vogue clique 
There are also Turkish Elle
Harper Bazaar
In Style and Cosmopolitan and Glamour.
Now the Arabia part of the The Middle East got Esquire and Harper's Bazaar and L'officiel and 
L'officiel Hommes 
And now the first Middle Eastern Cosmopolitan magazine is being released with Armenian descended Khloe Kardashian as the first inaugural cover girl.
Khloe looks amazing but the it seems intent readers aren't happy with Armenian-American being on such important historical cover.
Many Middle Eastern fashionistas hoped to see instead Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdelnour on the inaugural cover instead Cyrine  who is huge star in the middle east. She is singer,actress and model. Khloe is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian the girls are from their father side Armenian. Perhaps Cyrine can be on the second issue.
While Khloe was the inaugural cover girl for Middle East's Cosmopolitan magazine her older sisters Kourtney  and Kim have also graced the covers of the magazine
Kim also graced the Armenian Cosmopolitan


  1. are armenians arabs or just middle easterns?

  2. Armenian's are not Arabs but they are middle eastern. Armenia shares country lines with Iran and Turkey, but Armenia has been under the Soviet rule.

  3. Cyrine looks millions times better than the girl on the cover I am middle eastern and even don't know who the hell Khloe Kardshan is or who her sister is until i google Cyrine or Nancy Ajram should been on the first cover and not some reality tv star

  4. many people in US always get shocked when they find out that Armenia is in the middle east and shares border with Iran.They all somwehow think that the KKK chick are from'' the Latin world'' I actually don't see why they didn't put Cyrine on the first cover

  5. Not all American people are stupid we know that Kardashians are middle eastern from their father side. Kim has spoken about being proud of being middle eastern on Oprah and they look middle eastern. And we know Armenia shares country lines with Iran. As for Khloe being on the cover of Middle Eastern Cosmo, I agree they should've put someone more famous on the cover like Shakira or Salma who are also middle eastern from their father's side.