Thursday, 7 April 2011

Justin Beiber,Barcelona Baby

Justin Beiber seems to have really good taste when it comes to football teams, I can't be unbiased here. Justin's Never Say Never tour just touched down in Madrid,Spain. 
And Justin fitted a game of football into his hectic schedule in outskirts of the Spanish capital Madrid.

Brave Justin wore kit of the Real Madrid's rival arch nemesis Barcelona FC instead of wearing Real Madrid or even Atletico Madrid kit.
Spain are the of course both the world and European champions of football.But why didn't no one tell him, how significant this to Real Madrid supporters (the ones wearing white)

I am actually happy with this, since Real Madrid have the other JB,Jonas brothers as fan as the brothers visited the home of Real Madrid The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium back in 2009. As Barcelista we like Bieber better, even though I am not what you'd consider a fan of the either musicians. I can't name one song by the Jonas's, same can't be said of Beiber.


  1. real madrid supporters must be mad as hell bieber wears barcelona shirt while wet behind the ears jonas brothers wear theirs shit

  2. lot of beliebers are now gonna say they are barca supporters smh

  3. haaaaaa justin bieber he is a girl really and madrid dont want girls to pe played with em.....!!!!!!

  4. fuck bieber fuck barcelna.........!!!!!!

  5. justin bieber is such an ass hole fuk J.B fuck barcelona..........................