Monday, 14 March 2011

One woman's dating tips, another woman's waste

Can you imagine the furore that would ensue if a man wrote a book, where he listed woman according their race and stereotyped them, I.E Black and Latino woman got big bottoms. 
He would then tell the world that he wrote his book as guide book to help men with their dating dilemmas? 
I know some woman would hunt that man down and God knows what would happen to him. 
Men would ''big him up'' and he would be on every chat show channel and film would be made of him... or I am just too cynical.
Well a women called J.C Davies who is former Wall Street analyst, has released a book, back of her own dating history. 
J.C who has twenty odd years of dating history in Manhattan. J.C believes she has an fascinating insight into cultural differences of men from different ethnic backgrounds and is only written her book so she could share her tips to help woman with their dating life's.
The book is titled I got the fever; has caused a controversy
Cover girl: Author J.C. Davies, pictured on the cover of her book, which examines myths about interracial lovers
 and fierce debate about political correctness.
In the book J.C talks about issues that are taboo in the US.

For example she calls her first black boyfriend a Oreo, because he was an republican who wore suits get it. 
Her poor current middle eastern boyfriend who is Iranian Jew is described having ''terrorist face in bed'' (Oouch)

The book also has sections such as Jungle Fever-AKA Black Men accoring to J.C black men are
- interested in basketball
-Don't like talking about Al Sharpton

Salsa Fever AKA Latino Men According to J.C Latino men are interested in
-Music and dancing (shocker)
-Latino men are also macho and possessive

Yellow fever(not the deadly acute viral haemorrhagic disease) but Asian men.  
In her book J.C says that men from Asia
- are rubbish between the sheets
- they have a tendency to be materialistic, but only because it's an investment, but most admit it’s more for bragging rights or status.

Jewish men who have reputation as cheapskates are in fact according J.C generous
I don't get the big furore about this book, it's book about one woman's dating experience, J.C doesn't seem racist to me she is just sharing her own dating tips with ''hopes'' of helping some dumb woman to find a boyfriend. 
I don't think many woman or girls are going to buy this hopes of finding the one.
J.C didn't date the whole billion half Asians in the world nor has she meet the whole Latino or Black men in the world.
This book will sell well back of the media hype, but it's not going to be another He's just not that into you

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