Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lupe Fiasco, Atlantic Lasers and Suicide

Lupe Fiasco is one of my favourite rappers and one the few rappers who doesn't get the credit he deserves.
So far he has released two great albums
his first was Food and Liquor 2006 then in December 2007 he released concept album The Cool (one of the coolest albums covers ever)Jay Z called him 'Genius writer'. 
And back of his positive lyrics and poetic flair he has been called the Proust of Hip Hop (rightfully)
Despite all that critical success, in dog eat dog world of music business. Record labels want money and Lupe told interview with Details magazine, that he contemplated suicide over the trouble he had with his record label Atlantic Records.
In interview with Details magazine UK, Lupe said “The creation of Lasers was a very painful, dark, fucked up process.”
Lupe's record label turned down his first offering of Lasers. Telling Lupe that the album wasn't ''commercial enough''  and went on to freeze  his production budget for the album. Lupe said that he asked to be released from his contract 
to which Atlantic records refused.
Lasers would've been langushed in so called record industry purgatory if it wasn't for Lupe's devout fans who  petitioned and demonstrated front of Atlantic records headquarters in New York. And on Tuesday the album will have it's US release day.The first single from the album is The Show Goes On

In one of the songs of the album called Beautiful Lasers one of  the best songs on the album, Lupe raps over gothic beat “If you feel like you don’t want to be alive, you feel just like I am”. Lupe is one of the few rappers who actually have positive message in songs. I can't imagine him turning into another cliché ridden rapper, who only raps about;designers labels, hoes, pimpin gansta's. It would've been real tradegy to lose the Proust of Hip Hop


  1. Say wallahi he wanted to commit suicide, that is so sad i love this guy so much, wallahi music industry is fucked up when they trynna change everyone artist to be like another smh

  2. He is one of the best around