Thursday, 31 March 2011


Italian designers really know how to designs shoes and give woman shoegasm.
Gianmarco LorenziGianmarco Lorenzi
King of platform shoes Gianmarco Lorenzi, has perfected his tiar platform shoes.
Gianmarco LorenziGianmarco Lorenzi
And his shoes despite their prize tag are really something of art work sometimes.Gianmarco Lorenzi

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Londoner Charlotte Olympia really knows how to give woman a shoesgasm, her Dalva suede shoes are just sometimes too precious and worth every penny.

Charlotte Olympia Charlotte Olympia 
Every woman wants to have the original red soled shoes, and we all have saved for Christian Louboutin's. This season is all about wedges. And what better way to be in style with pair of Louboutin's. Here is Louboutin's take on classic warm weather shoes the Espadrille wedge. They come in two shades
Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin 
Marc Jacobs, to me is part of clique of designers who always brings out something beautiful and comfortably.
Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs  
and his in season gold glitter finished light brown leather sandals are super comfortable.
His python wrap velvet red velvet sandals are super chic.
Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs 

Monday, 28 March 2011

Perfect wedges

Weather is getting warmer and I am in a need of good wedges.Alexander Birman's metallic python wedge sandals are bargain at £330 would go well with skirts,maxi dresses and trousers
Alexandre Birman Alexandre Birman 

Saturday, 19 March 2011

You will Fight your shadow for Egoïste Platinium Chanel

Chanel's perfume poster for one it's 'homme parfum' from the 90's is quite something. Don't know why I like this ad,perhaps its the Hausemann apartment or...the man fighting his shadow that is trying to steal his priced Platinum Chanel perfume.

The man fighting shadow is Paolo Seganti. 

Another get up for your closet

Check out these beautiful bright blue Felini suede peep toe pumps at bargain price of £410 by Brian Atwood
Brian Atwood  Brian Atwood 
they would go well with Miu Miu's beautiful satin dressMiu Miu 
Or perhaps if you want something more demure then you are going to love Yves Saint Laurent's elegant black jump suitYves Saint Laurent tone down with Lanvin's crystal embellished black satin flats' which are perfect for that ''relaxed evening look'Lanvin Lanvin 
or just wear these totem suede shoes by Yves Saint Laurent

sculpted wedge sandals

Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent  as for bag well Yves Saint Laurent got aptly named Muse bagYves Saint Laurent 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Eva Mendes for Thierry Mugler Angel perfume

Thierry Mugler-AngelAngel by Thierry Mugler is one of the best selling perfumes and one I always buy for my mom, it's her favourite with Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel Cacharel-Anaïs Anaïs 
Angel's sweet feminine notes are girls favourite ingriendiens chocolate, vanilla, caramel, berries and Bergamot and honey.
Eva Mendes has been unveiled as the new face of the perfume over taking the blonds that have fronted the perfume most of the time.
Eva will be overtaking from Naomi Watts and she will be the third brunette the be the face of the Angel first was Anna Maria Cseh in 2003-2004 Thierry Mugler-Angel and second was Italian model Bianca Balti who was the face of Angel from 2006-2007Thierry Mugler-Angel

Angel was launched in 1992 with French model Estelle Lefébure being the first woman to front the now iconic perfume. Estelle was photographed top of New York skyscraper for the first publicity shot.
Then it was Jerry Hall lying on white sand in a desert,she was the face Angel from 1995-1998Thierry Mugler-Angel
Then it was Amy Wesson appeared surrounded by crystals
in two adverts

In 2008 actress Naomi Watts became the face of AngelThierry Mugler-Angel
Now ever so beautiful Eva Mendes will be overtaking the reins from Naomi. Eva also fronted Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein
My favourite advert my Thierry Mugler advert though is the one for his Alien perfume fronted by Felicity GilbertThierry Mugler-Alien  out of this world!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Natalia Kills it

Natalia Cappuccini started as actress appearing in Coronation Street and The Arches, then she took the stage name of Verbalicious and had TOP 20 hit with 'Don't play nice' in 2004

Now she is back with better name of Natalia Kills, with Mirror,song written and produced by Akon

Her new album will be called  the exotic looking Natalia is half Jamaican from her father side and Uruguayan Italian from her mother side.

Monday, 14 March 2011

One woman's dating tips, another woman's waste

Can you imagine the furore that would ensue if a man wrote a book, where he listed woman according their race and stereotyped them, I.E Black and Latino woman got big bottoms. 
He would then tell the world that he wrote his book as guide book to help men with their dating dilemmas? 
I know some woman would hunt that man down and God knows what would happen to him. 
Men would ''big him up'' and he would be on every chat show channel and film would be made of him... or I am just too cynical.
Well a women called J.C Davies who is former Wall Street analyst, has released a book, back of her own dating history. 
J.C who has twenty odd years of dating history in Manhattan. J.C believes she has an fascinating insight into cultural differences of men from different ethnic backgrounds and is only written her book so she could share her tips to help woman with their dating life's.
The book is titled I got the fever; has caused a controversy
Cover girl: Author J.C. Davies, pictured on the cover of her book, which examines myths about interracial lovers
 and fierce debate about political correctness.
In the book J.C talks about issues that are taboo in the US.

For example she calls her first black boyfriend a Oreo, because he was an republican who wore suits get it. 
Her poor current middle eastern boyfriend who is Iranian Jew is described having ''terrorist face in bed'' (Oouch)

The book also has sections such as Jungle Fever-AKA Black Men accoring to J.C black men are
- interested in basketball
-Don't like talking about Al Sharpton

Salsa Fever AKA Latino Men According to J.C Latino men are interested in
-Music and dancing (shocker)
-Latino men are also macho and possessive

Yellow fever(not the deadly acute viral haemorrhagic disease) but Asian men.  
In her book J.C says that men from Asia
- are rubbish between the sheets
- they have a tendency to be materialistic, but only because it's an investment, but most admit it’s more for bragging rights or status.

Jewish men who have reputation as cheapskates are in fact according J.C generous
I don't get the big furore about this book, it's book about one woman's dating experience, J.C doesn't seem racist to me she is just sharing her own dating tips with ''hopes'' of helping some dumb woman to find a boyfriend. 
I don't think many woman or girls are going to buy this hopes of finding the one.
J.C didn't date the whole billion half Asians in the world nor has she meet the whole Latino or Black men in the world.
This book will sell well back of the media hype, but it's not going to be another He's just not that into you

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Eating disorder isn't fashion choice

Bulimia has become byword these days for most celebrities who yo yo diet. Now and again celebrity tells the world they have suffered Bulimia which is of course an eating disorder which is classified as mental health disorder that effects according to The Beat UK, million people in UK alone. It's an serious disorder that belongs in the same family as anorexia nervosa. Many suffers damage their health and go on to suffer mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Bulimia suffers unlike the anorexia suffers, binge on food and drinks then vomit and the cycle usually ends up causing them more harm than good. And suffers of the disease come in all shapes unlike anorexia. Its an disease that affects people of all ages. Of course the cynic in us now days looks at celebrities when they tell the world they have suffered from bulimia with side eye. As most things in world of PR something become byword for headline and few more minutes in the spotlight. That doesn't mean there aren't celebrities who don't suffer from the disease as there are quite a few well known cases from Karen Carpenter to Gilda Radner.
Now days gossips magazines have developed an worrying obsession with women's body shapes. Each week there is a celebrity who has gained or lost weight to be praised or teared down.

  Attached Image: snooki-anorexia.jpg.Eating disorder isn't just solely women't thing.Elton John and former deputy prime minister John Prescott have both been opened about their struggle with bulimia. Late Princess Diana battled with bulimia.
 First famous woman to speak of her eating disorder suffering was Jane Fonda who suffered from both Anorexia and Bulimia
She was bulimic at from young age of 12Paula Abdul is another bulimia sufferer, she now spokes person for the US National Eating Disorder Association.
Spice Girls Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Chisholm have all been been open about their eating disorder battles. Both Mel C and Geri have been open about their bulimia. Victoria admitted that she  struggled with anorexia during the height of Spice Girls, when she became obsessed with calorie intake and live on Kellogg Tiger.
Geri Halliwell  problem with the disease is well documented, she has been open about her anorexia and bulimia battle in her autobiographies and interviews.There celebrities that people accuse of have suffered from eating disorder because of their yo yo dieting or rapid weigh gain versus rapid weight loss. Such as Britney and Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera have both shown the signs of bulimia
Many stars may coming out of the woodwork and telling the world they suffer from eating disorder, but bulimia or anorexia is never a fashionable thing that stars do but a serious condition with consequences.In 2009 Lily Allen came back with her amazing second studio album and  a new figure. And gone were the prom dresses and trainers. 2009 Lily was sexy and she seemed more confident. 
Lily was sexier on stage not afraid to show little skin. Lily put her new weight loss down to, eating healthy food and exercising. In her new Channel Four documentary with her sister Sarah in which Lily and Sarah try to start vintage shop Lily revealed that her 2009 weight loss was caused by bulimia. 
Lily also admitted that she was unhappy at high of her fame.
Back in 2009 Lily told reporters that“I see someone who is more overweight than I actually am. I honestly think I look like Michelle McManus or something”

Lily also showed a flaw in world of fame, when you are skinny magazine covers and campaigns are plenty.
Lily Allen isn't the only singer who has suffered from eating disorder. While some have come clean Lily, Lady Gaga is another singer who has been open about her eating disorder.
No Pants Required! Lady Gaga's Kookiest Couture Moments
This after Lady GaGa's former tour manager claimed that Lady GaGa has been hospitalised six times because of ''diet reasons''. 

Ciemny claimed that GaGa would binge on food then starve herself and refuse to eat so she could fit into her stage costumes.

When a journalist raised the issue of GaGa's rapid weight loss and gain, Lady GaGa said “It’s all about starvation.Pop stars don’t eat.”
  .Janet Jackson is now days infamous for her rapid weightgain and loss
Tyra Banks who after losing her modelling body became  the unofficial spokesperson for full figured women.