Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We have no excuse now

We all feel guilty after we miss doing our daily sit ups. 
We all feel tired and warn out after long day at work or university, that you end up forgetting doing our daily 50-100 sit ups and instead head to dreamland straight away. 
And we all know what happens after week or two of not doing your sit ups; the bulge appears.
The dreaded bulge. Well ladies now we have no reason at all to forget doing our sit ups.
Look at this
This lady is 74 year old nan called Ernestine Shepard ladies . That's right she is body building nan.
Talk about motivation.
Ernestine Shepherd



  1. Allah, are you serious say wallahi she 74 habar. OMG she got flatter tummy me and I am 20

  2. GTFH there is no way this woman is 74 come on don't put us on the spot

  3. omg i am printing this and putting on my wall sure as hell with her on my wall am not going to forget to do my sit ups ever