Sunday, 27 February 2011

Saif Gaddafi perhaps worser than his father

When your father has been ruler of country ever since you were born. Its understandable in some sense to be cocky. Because all your life, one has lived like a princeIronic when your father ousted the king of the country in coup with promise of new beginning
Saif al-Islam GadhafiSaif Al-Islam Gaddafi is the oldest son of Muammar Gaddafi. Ever since the Jasmine revolution reached Libya. Saif has taken the idea of being cocky and arrogant to the next level.
The man is not only cocky but delusional arrogant twat.
I am terribly sorry, but I can't be partial or unbiased I am not Libyan either FYI. 
Libya is massive North African country with small population of just six million but with GDP per capita of trillions of dollars.Back of it natural resources, the stuff that really makes world go around OILevery Libyan should been well off. 
The truth of the matter is, in reality its Gaddafi's sons are instead the ones who are able to hire R&B stars such as Beyonce for their new year celebrations and pay them $2M.
Saif is trained architect and former LSE alumni who back in 2002  told the world that Libya needed democracy, ''It's policy number one for us. First thing democracy, second thing democracy, third thing democracy'' Well Saif, people of Libya want that democracy. And your father is instead slaughtiring them.
Just last week arrogantly he repeated those words, this time telling that world 'plan a is to stay and die in Libya, plan b is to stay and die in Libya and plan C is to stay and die in Libya'' And it seems that how its going to end for your and your family. 
Saif appears on TV screens looking psychotic and delusional man who tells the world that 'without his father Libya is heading towards civil war. IDIOT
Saif is properly the only person in Libya who doesn't watch the news it seems as right now, it seems as Libya is heading towards civil war.
Saif claims that majority of Libyan people support his father, really? are you sure that ones who  supporting your father aren't just afraid of the secret police of belong to your fathers tribe? most Libyan want their old flag back and want your deluded father and you out of Libya.

Saif has enjoyed the trapping of being wealthy pretty well. He has house in London that he bought for rumoured £10millionSaif al-Islam Gaddafi bought his U.K. for 10 million sterling poundsactual Saif house in wealthy area of Hampstead Garden
His neighbours are several ambassadors and diplomats as well as some of the richest people in UK and Europe.
 Tunisia started the Jasmine revolution and then it was Egypt even Hosni Mubarak had to go. Now its Libya who is next?Next stop heading towards into inner Africa Mugabe start packing mate.
Libya is country with rich history and rich traditions, like many old countries she felt into the hands of deluded leader.

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