Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Janice Dickinson and Iman

With her foul mouth and sometimes over the top bravado,now and again one tends to forget that once upon a time Janice Dickinson was supermodel With many million dollar contracts and Vogue coversunder her belt Janice was one of the best models there was in 70's and 80's. 
And she was pretty before she decided to ruin it all with plastic surgery
Fortnight ago I received lots of freebies that included lots of fashion coffee books and few model autobiographies. In honour of London Fashion Week. I got pretty good books I wanted herb Ritts Golden Hour (YES) and autobiographies by
Marie Helvin former Mrs. David Bailey and Jerry Hall's BFF( I like her )Jerry Hall and Janice's and I am amazed at the woman. Janice that is,she claims she  was the first supermodel ever... hmm didn't Twiggy and and many others get there before her as for her claiming she coined the term ''Supermodel'' I don't buy it. Janice is character and wild one. Many supermodels got ego (big ones) and each and one of them would claim they were first in this and that or they were muse to that designer or that or one thing or the other. 
But Janice is above the rest when it comes to many things.
She is just something!Janice just being Janice Iman running after her
Here is Janice with her fashion double Iman. Janice and Iman did lots doubles work Gianni Versace They both also fronted (separably) Revlon campaigns
Janice is character and her autobiography is properly one of the best  model autobiographies I have ever read. It's properly the most honest one out of the three model autobiographies of Marie Helvin and Jerry Hall's.


  1. Janice used to be so beautiful when she was young, saw her channel 4 dinner date and she bloody bonkers

  2. Janice was one of the first American Supermodels with Gia, but the first supermodel of all time she was beaten to that by many other models. I read her book and I too found some things that all fashionista's know are lies. But she is honest unlike most models. her and Iman used drinks shots whiskey before catwalk shows and now the two don't hang with each other. She she was really great model and beautiful and exotic. That was until she ruined all with that too much plastic surgery. And her 'model aura' went the window with too many reality shows she did.