Monday, 15 November 2010

Shakira, Foxy Brown and Lisa Left Eye Lopes for Calvin Klein

Before Lil Kim became a star in Europe and decade before Nicky Minaj Foxy Brown was the who was making waves in Europe.
She was even called by German Bravo music magazine back in 1997 'Das Schwarze Madonna' which means the black Madonna. 

In 1999 Foxy fronted Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. 
 Now Foxy is more known for her feuds with Lil Kim and Jail sentences. She had so much potential they say

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes 2000
Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes was the face of TLC. The late rapper was about to break out, when she was killed in car accident in Honduras 2002.
In 2000 Lisa had number 1 hit single 'Never be the same again' with Melanie C of Spice Girls fame.
Shakira 2000

Before she became global superstar and blonde. Shakira was huge star in the Latin world and the Middle East. The Lebanese-Colombian was the body of Calvin Klein jeans campaign in 2000.


  1. Shakira looks so Arabesque with the dark hair i didn't even know Calvin Klein used ''coloured woman'' in his campaigns. I can't stand Foxy brown she is ugh

  2. Shakira is half Arab as her name suggest duh, she is called Shakira Mebrak

  3. Shakira looks Arabesque, what an idiot she is Arab her dad is from Lebanon stupid, and her name is Shakira Mebrak Ripoll does she sound English?
    Her and Salma Hayek are both Arabs from their father sides and both have Arabic first names and surnames

  4. Shakira looks ''Arabesque'' is that even a word?
    jheez, her name is Shakira do you think that is Colombian? or Spanish? come son, Shakira is Arabic her father is is from the Arabia and her momma is Colombian she is half

  5. Swear to god i remember that issue of Bravo, where they called Foxy black madonna she was in concert half naked. How the mighty have fallen now everyone is acting like nicky is first.