Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bojan& Pique and Barca

If the rumours are true and the baby of Barcelona FC Bojan Krkic wants to leave Barcelona (why).
I don't understand personally why anyone would want to leave Barcelona FC.
Leaving Barca means leaving behind one of the best team in the world. Bojan you would only downgrade.

Bojan who plays for Spain Under-21 international, said he is unsure if he would be playing for  Barcelona at  next season.

The 20year old Catalan has only started three matches this season for the Catalan giants. And because of that, perhaps the rumours have been rift of him wanting to leave Barca. It's been rumoured that Bojan is favouring Arsenal =) (yay) and Manchester United =(.
The player's agent, Zoran Vekic, told
"Bojan is a Barcelona player and will not be leaving over the winter
"He is happy with his current situation, but we will re-evaluate the situation once the season is over."
Bojan made his Barcelona FC debut aged Seventeen back in September 2007 under Frank Rijkaard. 

Bojan has since then become best buddies with with fellow Catalan and Barca footballer Gerard Pique. The two have the biggest bromance in football (the two bff's even have facebook page with same name) 
If Bojan joins Arsenal, he can become bff with Cesc Fabregas Pique's other bff.
Would Pique be happy about that though?  Either way Bojan stay in Barca.


  1. Its only rumors Bojan would never leave Barcelona for any other team in the world. He has been playing for Barcelona youths teams since he was six or something like. He is like Messi,Puyol and Pique. He is Catalunyan and he is loyal to his home team. I know Messi isn't Cataluyan but he is loyal Barca. Viva Barca

  2. I hope its rumour too, Bojan is Barca player. Hope he stays and won't be tempted by money.

  3. bojan is east european and not catalan peeps and messi ain't gonna finish his career in barcelona messi said he would like to play for his childhood team back in argentina some day
    football playars these days don't honour clubs cause all they care bout is the money signs
    if the better team manchester united offer bojan more money than he gets in barcelona bojan will leave no question bout that
    i don't think bojan is gonna go and play for the gunners
    fuckin fabregas wants to leave the minute season finishes he will start the same bullshit he was doin this season
    peeps fabregas shows fooballrs have no honour
    wenger made him the player he is today and fuckin bugsbunny wants to go barca that never gave him shit when he wanted to play for them

  4. Bojan's mother is Catalan and he was born in the Catalan region. Cesc Fabregas played for the Barca youth team with Messi,Victor Valdes, Pique. He has been loyal to Wenger and to Arsenal. Wayne Rooney is scouser and played for Everton he left Liverpool and not only joined rival team but went on to play for rival city of Manchester United, why didn;t anyone make fuss about that. Some footballers do run after the money. But as player they have to think about their career if they don't get playing time or first time chances they have every right to go and search for something else.

  5. Bojan un català natiu i massa orgullós!
    Lot of footballers have loyalty for their clubs.
    Pique was signed by Barca for only five million euros. Man City offred him 93million euros, if he was after money he would've packe dhis bags already he is staying because of his loyalty for his team. And not all catalan people support Barca we have other teams too Espanyol is great team. Anyway Bojan isn't leaving he has friends and roots in Barca. As for Cesc he has right to miss his home team and he is loyal and respectful to Arsene Wenger. VIVA BarcelonaI Visca Catalunya.