Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Waris and Liya for H&M

Retired model, award winning international best selling author and UN ambassador Waris Dirie appears in this year's Swedish fashion house H&M's Christmas holiday campaign with Ethiopian model Liya Kebede.
Waris spoke about the campaign
''This summer, I received an invitation from H&M to do a photo shoot together with my friend Liya Kebede, who plays me in the movie Desert Flower.

I have often said that I would never be a fashion model again, except for a special purpose or great idea. But this shoot was not for a normal campaign: the campaign does not simply show models, but people who have a special connection or relationship to each other: close friends, siblings, parents and their children. Liya and I are connected through our common origins in East Africa, we both fight for women’s rights and female health through our own organisations, and we worked on the movie “Desert Flower” together.
We had a lot of fun shooting this campaign in the Milk Studios in New York City with photographer Daniel Jackson. You can see more pictures from this shoot on the H&M website and in H&M stores across the world.
I will invest my fee in a Waris Dirie Foundation project in Africa that I will present in January 2011.
Waris ''

Monday, 15 November 2010

Shakira, Foxy Brown and Lisa Left Eye Lopes for Calvin Klein

Before Lil Kim became a star in Europe and decade before Nicky Minaj Foxy Brown was the who was making waves in Europe.
She was even called by German Bravo music magazine back in 1997 'Das Schwarze Madonna' which means the black Madonna. 

In 1999 Foxy fronted Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. 
 Now Foxy is more known for her feuds with Lil Kim and Jail sentences. She had so much potential they say

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes 2000
Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes was the face of TLC. The late rapper was about to break out, when she was killed in car accident in Honduras 2002.
In 2000 Lisa had number 1 hit single 'Never be the same again' with Melanie C of Spice Girls fame.
Shakira 2000

Before she became global superstar and blonde. Shakira was huge star in the Latin world and the Middle East. The Lebanese-Colombian was the body of Calvin Klein jeans campaign in 2000.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bojan& Pique and Barca

If the rumours are true and the baby of Barcelona FC Bojan Krkic wants to leave Barcelona (why).
I don't understand personally why anyone would want to leave Barcelona FC.
Leaving Barca means leaving behind one of the best team in the world. Bojan you would only downgrade.

Bojan who plays for Spain Under-21 international, said he is unsure if he would be playing for  Barcelona at  next season.

The 20year old Catalan has only started three matches this season for the Catalan giants. And because of that, perhaps the rumours have been rift of him wanting to leave Barca. It's been rumoured that Bojan is favouring Arsenal =) (yay) and Manchester United =(.
The player's agent, Zoran Vekic, told
"Bojan is a Barcelona player and will not be leaving over the winter
"He is happy with his current situation, but we will re-evaluate the situation once the season is over."
Bojan made his Barcelona FC debut aged Seventeen back in September 2007 under Frank Rijkaard. 

Bojan has since then become best buddies with with fellow Catalan and Barca footballer Gerard Pique. The two have the biggest bromance in football (the two bff's even have facebook page with same name) 
If Bojan joins Arsenal, he can become bff with Cesc Fabregas Pique's other bff.
Would Pique be happy about that though?  Either way Bojan stay in Barca.

The Chandler's

Ever since the Somali pirates seized British couple Rachel and Paul Chandler of the coast of Seychelles Island just hundreds of nautical miles off the from Somali shores. The British Somali community have been fighting for the release of the couple. Setting up Facebook pages one of them is  'Somali's for the freedom of Chandler's' and campaigning for the couple.
After 13months of captivity the couple have been released. The ransom money of 1million dollars have been paid by numerous ''people''.
Half by the Somali community in Britain.

Now the question  is with the pirates receiving ransom money, would this mean now Somali-British people are ideal future targets for the pirates from now on?