Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Unbelievable but true

There are many things that people are allergic to, the usual ones are usually nuts, dairy, etc, etc. Then there are people who, you find are allergic to things that human beings need and are essentially hard to live without. Such as the sun. Now the sun is vital to human race. Not only is the sun our most important energy source it also provides us with vitally important vitamin D which is considered to be vital for the survival of people. It's also biggest star in our solar system.
Now imagine being allergic to the sun. You thinking (real life vampires). Actually there people who suffer from condition called Porphyria also known as  "the vampire disease."
Then imagine being allergic something that you need to survive and actually can't live without.Well spare though for Australian teenager from Melbourne. Because this poor girl is allergic to... wait for it water.
Ashleigh Morris is allergic to water, whatever the temperature, she can't have hot shower or hot bath like you or I. And imagine living in Australia and not being able to swim. Ashleigh can't even do simple thing such as wash her hands without breaking into severe rash, the reason is she suffers from skin condition called Aquagenic Urticaria and you think you have ''problems''.
While that is tragic, imagine a world where you can eat ever you want. When ever you want without ever worrying about spending extra time at the gym. Well ladies there is... something but there is damn catch. There are people who really can eat whatever they wish and not gain ounce no, its not a dream or new diet pill or anorexic starlet claiming to have ''super fast metabolism''. There is an actual condition. The condition is called Lipodystrophy. How it works is your body produces six times the normal level of insulin normal person's body produces. Some people are just damn lucky while others are just unlucky.
Now this is worrying to many women and traumatising at the same time. Imagine you and loved one kiss and you become deaf.
Well that's what happened to twenty something year old Chinese girl from Zhuhai in Guangdong province in South China.
The girl had to be taken to hospital now imagine; telling the doctor how you went deaf smooching.
The poor thing completely lost her hearing in left ear, the doctor who treated her said "The kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear''
The whole thing is one of those shouldn't laugh but I can't help it moments. So remember next time you go kissing, what the doctor  who treated the girl said.
"While kissing is normally very safe, doctors advise people to proceed with caution,"  Pure LOL incident that is. Or it could higher power telling you to run from the person you kissing.

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