Monday, 28 December 2009

Enemy Within

This decade has been a hard decade on one religion that has been tarnished beyond recognition. That religion is of course Islam. Faith that promotes peace has been hijacked by brainwashed deluded men whose boundaries of what is wrong and right is shaded.
 We have suicide bombers attacking other Muslim in house of God- Where in the holy Qu'ran is there justification for that?
Or the acts of the Al-Shabab who are killing anyone who doesn't agree with them and then claiming they are acting in the name of God; really.
Where in the Holy Qu'ran do these people find justification, doesn't the holy book say clearly that suicide is sin?
When did it become OK to change passages in the holy book.
We have now idiots attacking and targeting people attending prayers in Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Pakistan, and claiming they killed fellow Muslims who believe in same God.. in name of Allah.
In Islamabad Pakistan, suicide bomber killed tens of innocent people who were praying to the very God he believes in. What was his justification and what paradise does he think is waiting for him when he attacked Friday Prayers in MOSQUE.

In Somalia's capital city Mogadishu 3rd December 2009. A deluded and brainwashed suicide bomber disguised as a veiled woman killed at least 19 people including three government ministers. University medical graduation ceremony for new doctors. Killing the future of war torn country. The victims were students who worked hard in mist of war torn country and were the ones who could have helped their country.Who was the enemy here? that needed to be killed. What was the crime these students committed, didn't they believe in same God these deluded men believed in.

We have many shaitans disguising themselves as saints and we have had enough of them tarnishing and hijacking our faith we need to erase the enemy within us before we point fingers at anyone else.


  1. wallahi u right we need to get rid of these fuckers who hide behind their stupidty , they fuckin overtook our faith, fuck all shabab they ruinin somalia thinkin like their some taliban fuck em too

  2. I wanted to check you blogs after comments two girls left in your facebook, if anyone send you negative message cause of this then macaan you don't need to worry about them. Clearly you stated a fact we do need to kill and erase the enemy within us before we talk shit, somalia right now has been hickjacked by scum who wants to be like fuckin taliban and they are fuckin our country that has been already destroyed by civil war people need to be educated about the ones they think are saints and good men

  3. Somalia isn't the only country in the world with enemy from within. Somali people sensitive when people talk about the truth Al-Shabab or Al-Satans as they should be called are ignorant uneducated idiots who try to hide behind religion they know whether somali person is educated in his religion or not they never talk about to imam or sheik just as same the catholic's respect their fathers. Al-Shabab have exploited this trust for their good and they have brainswashed children and youths who aren't educated in laws of Islam. They are more than enemy from within but disease and vermin that needs to killed off.

  4. People need to stop being afraid of Alshabab cunts they are not religious but uneducated stupid men who know shit. Somali's respect their religious leaders too much. Erase these cunts. Somalia isn't Afghanistan and we don't need another fucking taliban in the world.

  5. Ikran you are really good writer and I take my hat off for you. You are right the name of Islam has been hijacked and Moslem people need to release they need to erase the enemy from inside they need stand against the men who are killing their religions name, now days these suicide bombers are killing anyone Moslem, Christian and the Moslem community needs to take a stand. Well written article.