Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rocking around the world

Mega international DJ/ Super Producer. For his young age DJ Baseline has achieved more than those who have been game longer than him. DJ Baseline is Club&radio DJ known for his ear for music and crowd pleasing multi generic music which has made him hot property to club promoters. And to imagine he is only 27 (out of which he has been djing 12 years. Signed to Universal Records (Switzerland) he is working on new mixtape.


Q:How did you become DJ, is it something you wanted to be when you were growing up:
A:I wanted to be singer but since I couldn't speak English another great way to connect to the music is to be a DJ and that is what I decided to do.
Q:As Somali what were your parent’s expectation off their son being a DJ
Did they want you to be something else such maybe a doctor:

A:Of course my family wanted me to be something else because being a DJ is not a usual job, especially as a Muslim to show respect to them and to have a back-up in case DJ did not work out I finished my degree in Business Economy.
Q:You started DJing young where do you hope to be in the next ten years

A:In ten years I wish to have my own business with my own record label.
Q:Who inspired you and what were your exceptions of your career of choice when you started

A:My best friend who was a great DJ inspired me to choose this career.
Q:You said you were cutting a mix tape at the moment, after you cut your mix tape what is your plan

To bring it out in the market in order to get a record deal I only have a record deal with Universal records in Switzerland but I am aiming for one world wide which is why this Mix CD will be launching me globally
Q:You have worked with world famous rappers and Dj’s, who was your favourite of the all the people you worked with and who was let a down:

A:I have worked with a lot of people, yes. The one who I really enjoyed working with was Busta Rhymes because he always gave his all, wherever he did and he is a great business man being in the business for a very long time. Sometimes you will see famous people on television and find out when you meet them that they are not the same person you imagined.
Q:What has been your career highlight so far?
A: Even though I am a DJ I always enjoy listening to Qaraami Somalian music because it is very meaningful for me not to lose my culture and receive advice from the music. So for me the highlight was meeting a famous Somalian singer and song writer and producer named Mohamed Ahmed Kuluc, Saynad Cige and more who really inspired me.
Q:You have European DJ’s and American ones who enjoy great chart success do you hope one day maybe to have number one in Britain like Fatman Scoop and the others who have and have you set your eyes the greater apple to bite:
A:That is definitely my plan but first step is to acquire a world wide record label which is easier said than done. I have already talked to a few people so it is on the way.
Q: In the past five years we’ve had many artist who tried to break into international market what do you think of musicians of Somali origin needs to do to gain world status
A:I think that for an aspiring young Somalian artist they should not worry about being the next best Somalian artist but instead worry about being the best at what they do and forget about the owning up to the best from our country. Later on ones they become great than they can worry about that.


  1. Good lookin brotha

  2. Mansha-Allah he is good luckin
    Is he single

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  6. Clearly brotha is good lookin an wat you'll expectin if man knows he is good lookin he is gonna act all dat

  7. This gys is good lookin but tht good lookin he looks Sean Paul in this picture.

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  9. It's shockin abaayo dat he has 'good education'' when he looks like naaxas and you shouldn't interview naaxas like him waar illahi kaa absoo

  10. i don't get it what so great abou this dude, in the interview u say he is european dj, i live in europe and i haven't heard of him.