Monday, 28 December 2009

Enemy Within

This decade has been a hard decade on one religion that has been tarnished beyond recognition. That religion is of course Islam. Faith that promotes peace has been hijacked by brainwashed deluded men whose boundaries of what is wrong and right is shaded.
 We have suicide bombers attacking other Muslim in house of God- Where in the holy Qu'ran is there justification for that?
Or the acts of the Al-Shabab who are killing anyone who doesn't agree with them and then claiming they are acting in the name of God; really.
Where in the Holy Qu'ran do these people find justification, doesn't the holy book say clearly that suicide is sin?
When did it become OK to change passages in the holy book.
We have now idiots attacking and targeting people attending prayers in Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Pakistan, and claiming they killed fellow Muslims who believe in same God.. in name of Allah.
In Islamabad Pakistan, suicide bomber killed tens of innocent people who were praying to the very God he believes in. What was his justification and what paradise does he think is waiting for him when he attacked Friday Prayers in MOSQUE.

In Somalia's capital city Mogadishu 3rd December 2009. A deluded and brainwashed suicide bomber disguised as a veiled woman killed at least 19 people including three government ministers. University medical graduation ceremony for new doctors. Killing the future of war torn country. The victims were students who worked hard in mist of war torn country and were the ones who could have helped their country.Who was the enemy here? that needed to be killed. What was the crime these students committed, didn't they believe in same God these deluded men believed in.

We have many shaitans disguising themselves as saints and we have had enough of them tarnishing and hijacking our faith we need to erase the enemy within us before we point fingers at anyone else.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Respect has always been two way street

 I hope one thing ends with this decade, and that is the horrid youth culture we have these days.
After two days of peace and quit, today like everyone else
I went to get things on the boxing day sales. Only to be witness to foolish behaviour.
Child disrespecting and shouting and cursing someone older than their own mom. His reason for his behaviour was ''The old &^%£$ was taking the piss, why you disrespecting me''.
Respect has become word for not only teenagers these days. But children under ten and they all believe it is something that is obtained through fear and force.
They have Forgotten that respect is two way street, you can't expect total strange to respect you out of no where. What have you achieved for anyone to respect you and do you respect this person you expecting to respect you? The answer is most likely to be no.
Everyone who lives in London has witnessed the loss of teenage life's, in past view years. In 2007 more than 27 youths were killed by another youth and 2008 over  29 youths were killed, parents burying their children; who were killed by another youth who was gassed with ''street talk'' its mad and stupid.
Life has become nothing and worthless to many, last week youth was killed by another youth aged 16 over comment on Facebook. What made mad today was the kid who was running his mouth was young he looked like he was eight or nine. His mother was right next to him and said nothing.
The person who he was running his mouth at was... mother herself. His mother could tell her son to mind  his manners, but instead she ran her mouth at this woman calling her names she shouldn't say front of her child.
I really loved how the other woman stayed cool and gave the son and mother just two answers and walked away with her dignity.
I really hope and pray that this new decade that is only week away would be more peaceful and better than this one.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Wavin the Flag

Love this guy and how he keeps it real and now Wavin the Flag is the official Fifa World Cup Song 2010

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wasted childhood?

Eleven year old Bulgarian girl, called Kordeza Zhelyazkova went in to labour during her wedding ceremony. It takes time digest those words. 
Her husband and the father of her child is 19 year old Jeliazko Dimitrov. Kordeza was still wearing her white wedding gown, when she arrived in hospital. She gave birth to girl who weighted healthy 5.5lb, Kordeza called her daughter Violeta.
The eleven year old is the youngest reported mother in Europe, but many believe there could be younger ones in third world countries going unreported. To an interview to the New of the World the youngster said 'It feels strange to be a mum and have a baby. I used to play with my toys but now she is my new toy. She is so beautiful, I love her. Violeta is the child and I must grow up. I am not going back to school, I am a mother now.'
Her nineteen year old husband faces up to six years in jail for having sex with a minor. Jeliazko meet Kordeza after he rescued her from bullies in the playground. He said '''I was walking past the school when I saw some boys mocking her and I told them to leave her alone. Then she arranged to meet me and asked me out on our first date. I thought she was 15. She didn't tell me she was 11''
Their daughter was conceived within a week of their meeting.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Seb Janiak ''Father and Son''

I love this photograph by Seb Janiak he is Parisian photographer and film maker.

Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Sarah Cheng-De Winne is photographer and artist who specializes in portraits, fashion and conceptual photography. She is keen to discover new ways of representing identities through photography.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Henri Cartier-Bresson,J Hampton Hyde Park

Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of the best and inspring photographers. And his original leaping man inspired many.

Does this picture by J Hampton remind you of Henri Cartier-Bresson's leaping man

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Azzedine Alaia Silver studded platforms

Azzedine Alaia is the king of the exotic statement. And his Africa inspired sandals are not only something else, but must have.
Perfect black trousers are so hard to find, but D&G got one in store for only £145.


Erdem's floral multi coloured silk gown is one dress worth saving for.
Showstopping and head turning statement dress for any soiree.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Issa fashion house is known for its beautiful floaty dresses and these silk gowns are my favourites

Roksanda Ilincic

I love London designer  Roksanda Ilincic and her new range is amazing. Here is some of my favourites. I love this vintage inspired black draped silk and lace gown is just beautiful.

Also check out Roksanda’s '80s glamour inspired asymmetric ruffled violet silk blend dress.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Emanuel Ungaro pumps

Ahh... these Emanuel Ungaro pumps are just beautiful. Net a porter already calls them ''instant classic'' and I couldn't agree more 

Autumn boots and coat

With clocks going back an hour autumn is officially here, and I think I just found the perfect coat in Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Propaganda wool blend coat for just £525


And perfect boots to go with this coat are these Balmain Buckle-embellished boots for £1,160

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The perfect clutch and cuff

Philippe Audibert's Swarovski
crystal sprayed silver cuff statement piece and if you want to make statement check Judith Leiber's crystal cut clutch

Perfect Halloween shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti

I am loving these Giuseppe Zanotti's Swarosvki embellished sandals perfect for any Halloween party or just for night out.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Funny or Cruel

My friend just send me this funny thing she read about U2 front man Bono.
''Bono is on stage in concert in his home country of Ireland, he asks the audience to be completely silent. 
Then goes on to snap his fingers slowly. Snap,snap  then he says
''Everytime I snap my fingers, an African child dies.'' 

After a short heartfelt moment of silence, a voice from the crowd goes ''Well stop bloody doint it then, ya cruel bastard''

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

“We dream our lives until we wake,” Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Life Is a Dream, is new play in West End starring the Wire actor Dominic West as Segismundo one of the most celebrated achievement of Pedro Calderón de la Barca One of Spain's best writers and poets of the Spanish Golden era.
La Vida es sueño (Life is a Dream). 
Set in 1635, Segismundo’s father the king of Poland, decides to test a prophecy that his unborn son, the prince Segismundo is pure evil and will bring disastrous havoc to his kingdom. On his birth the king drugs the infant and  puts him in jail. The king goes on and tells his court  that his child has died after child birth. Years later after his son has grown, the king tells his court that his son is infact alive.
He has Segismundo drugged and brought to the palace, arguing that “tendencies can be constrained”. Instead when freed from dungeon Segismundo proves his father right by throwing a servant of the balcony, attempting a rape and acting as he was savage feral animal.
The king has Segismundo drugged again and put behind bars, but it's in the third part where things get interesting. 
Yo sueño que estoy aquí
I dream that I am here
de estas prisiones cargado,
of these imprisonments charged,
y soñé que en otro estado
and I dreamed that in another state
más lisonjero me vi.
happier I saw myself.
¿Qué es la vida? Un frenesí.
What is life? A frenzy.
¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión,
What is life? An illusion,
una sombra, una ficción,
A shadow, a fiction,
y el mayor bien es pequeño:
And the greatest profit is small;
que toda la vida es sueño,
For all of life is a dream,
y los sueños, sueños son.
And dreams, are nothing but dreams.

It’s really good play and if you get time, I would adivice you to go and see it you’ll love it. 
It's play in the end about free will and fate.
The end is good and I am not going to ruin it

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rocking around the world

Mega international DJ/ Super Producer. For his young age DJ Baseline has achieved more than those who have been game longer than him. DJ Baseline is Club&radio DJ known for his ear for music and crowd pleasing multi generic music which has made him hot property to club promoters. And to imagine he is only 27 (out of which he has been djing 12 years. Signed to Universal Records (Switzerland) he is working on new mixtape.


Q:How did you become DJ, is it something you wanted to be when you were growing up:
A:I wanted to be singer but since I couldn't speak English another great way to connect to the music is to be a DJ and that is what I decided to do.
Q:As Somali what were your parent’s expectation off their son being a DJ
Did they want you to be something else such maybe a doctor:

A:Of course my family wanted me to be something else because being a DJ is not a usual job, especially as a Muslim to show respect to them and to have a back-up in case DJ did not work out I finished my degree in Business Economy.
Q:You started DJing young where do you hope to be in the next ten years

A:In ten years I wish to have my own business with my own record label.
Q:Who inspired you and what were your exceptions of your career of choice when you started

A:My best friend who was a great DJ inspired me to choose this career.
Q:You said you were cutting a mix tape at the moment, after you cut your mix tape what is your plan

To bring it out in the market in order to get a record deal I only have a record deal with Universal records in Switzerland but I am aiming for one world wide which is why this Mix CD will be launching me globally
Q:You have worked with world famous rappers and Dj’s, who was your favourite of the all the people you worked with and who was let a down:

A:I have worked with a lot of people, yes. The one who I really enjoyed working with was Busta Rhymes because he always gave his all, wherever he did and he is a great business man being in the business for a very long time. Sometimes you will see famous people on television and find out when you meet them that they are not the same person you imagined.
Q:What has been your career highlight so far?
A: Even though I am a DJ I always enjoy listening to Qaraami Somalian music because it is very meaningful for me not to lose my culture and receive advice from the music. So for me the highlight was meeting a famous Somalian singer and song writer and producer named Mohamed Ahmed Kuluc, Saynad Cige and more who really inspired me.
Q:You have European DJ’s and American ones who enjoy great chart success do you hope one day maybe to have number one in Britain like Fatman Scoop and the others who have and have you set your eyes the greater apple to bite:
A:That is definitely my plan but first step is to acquire a world wide record label which is easier said than done. I have already talked to a few people so it is on the way.
Q: In the past five years we’ve had many artist who tried to break into international market what do you think of musicians of Somali origin needs to do to gain world status
A:I think that for an aspiring young Somalian artist they should not worry about being the next best Somalian artist but instead worry about being the best at what they do and forget about the owning up to the best from our country. Later on ones they become great than they can worry about that.